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MG MGA - Gearbox number....What it means?

I was finally able to find the number stamped on the top of my gearbox....It is # 5331.
Somewhere , I saw a chart of various body, engine , and gearbox numbers, but now I can't find it....
Can someone direct me to it?
Edward Wesson 52TD

I have been considering this issue for about 20 years, and I have never been able to figure out the secrets to those numbers. They are serial numbers, but there are several different models of gearbox, each with its own series of serial numbers. Some of the numbers have an "M" in front, some not, and for sure the serial numbers repeat with different gearbox models. Different rear housings and mainshafts have to match, but otherwise all of the internal parts are interchangeable for the 3-sybchronizer gearboxes, including MGB up to early 1967 models. Late 1967 model has larger layshaft. Beginning 1968 there was the larger 4-synchronizer gearbox, none of which swaps with the earlier units.
Barney Gaylord

I have always wonderd whether gearbox numbers starting with M were assembled at Morris works, and gearbox numbers starting in A were assembled at Austin? Just a theory, but it was early post BMC and many of the works still operated under their old names.

Cheers John
John Lambie

There are no letters in front of the number....It was quite a contortion to see these, as they are stamped facing the left(driver) side of the car, so I had to look at them upside down...
I do know from previous discussions, that it is a twin-cam gearbox....
Edward Wesson 52TD

This thread was discussed on 30/05/2013

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