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MG MGA - Gearbox rear seal

Hey all, I just finished replacing the rear gear box seal on my 1960 1600. I found that the gearbox flange surface is very slightly "pitted" where the seal rides. Now the question, is there a speedy sleeve to fit over the flange surface and if so, what is the part number? Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Hi Tom,
There were three different rear oil seals for the early, mid and late 1500. If you have a 1600, you will want to order part number 121-100 from Moss.
Bayard DeNoie

Take the new stock seal to a hydraulics place. They will be able to help you with a sleeve.
A Bowie

You need to measure the dia of the shaft. Speedi Sleeve sizes are on the 'net,here is one link-
gary starr

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