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MG MGA - Getting excited now...

Two questions:-

Body is freshly painted and gleaming, with all panels and doors fitted. I will be re-uniting the body with the chassis tomorrow with the help of neighbours on each corner. I will take off the front valance and the front splash panels under the wings - can I keep everything else on when I put the two together ?

Also, I have popped a road race MGB engine onto the chassis that clearly comes with an oil cooler that the old lump did not have. Do I just stick it anywhere between the grill and the rad ?

Thanks all !
A Stojanovic

You need to remove the gas tank if installed, or at least lower it so the neck isn't hitting the trunk floor.

Check Barney Gaylord's site for locations for the oil cooler, it can go above or below the radiator duct panel.
Larry Wheeler

Presumably you will be directing the four lifters, so make sure you have a sixth person with a camera to record the event! Looking forward to seeing some piccies.

Steve Gyles

Best to follow Steve's good advice.

I have always directed the (usually 5) lifters from inside the car. Crouch down and ask them to lift over your head. That way you can guide the body over the goal post and position the bolt holes with a thick screwdriver.
Good luck, Barry
Barry Gannon

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