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MG MGA - Good Cooling Fan on the Cheap

Last night I installed the 10" fan being sold by JC Whitney and I must say it fits perfectly in and come with all the supporting parts and wiring. A very complete set!

It comes with a manual switch so you can switch it on when stuck in traffic.

I will let you know if it helps at all in the hot Miami weather.

Happy driving!
Gonzalo Ramos

Gonzalo, OK it's 10" fan, do you have a part number for it? Is it a pusher or a puller. Did you remove the stock fan?

F. Camilleri


The reference is; SKU #: 1JA 489189
It comes as puller, but it comes with instructions on how to reverse into pusher. Just turn the fan around and change the cables around.
I left the stock fan as I will not be using the electrical one all the time.
I mounted it on the outer side. Not pretty but looks quite neat.
Gonzalo Ramos

Many thanks Gongalo. Enjoy your A, I do a lot.
F. Camilleri

Here is a similar item on UK Ebay
very cheap
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

That looks a good price Bob - interesting to see how it fits on Gonzalo's car - any chance of any photos?
Cam Cunningham

It's my opinion that it is only worth fitting an electric fan if you remove the pump fan. The electric fan will push no more air through the radiator than the mechanical fan already does, especially if you allow the engine to tickover a bit faster whilst stuck in traffic. On the open road an additional electric fan will make no difference at all, in fact no fan is required above about 25-30MPH. If you fit an electric fan, have it thermostatically controlled, remove the existing fan and reap the benefit of more power and better fuel economy.
Lindsay Sampford

My Mk 2 Coupe came with both the pump fan and a Kenlowe electric fan - It seemed to work well and the electric fan only comes on in heavy slow moving traffic.I did contemplate removing the yellow fan for the reasons you state however I am not sure if the electric fan would give enough power when needed, a beefier model might be required.
On Sunday I did a 120 mile round trip and part of which was threequarters of an hour on the motorway at speeds of 65-80 mph the temp only reached 175 however in a traffic jam for 10 minutes it got up to 195 when the electric fan cut in.Admitadly Sunday was a cool day
I do notice when I stop the car with ignition off as the temp rises the fan then cuts in at 190 until it cools.
P D Camp

Paul, give it a whirl, you can always put the yellow fan back on if you are not happy with the temperature. I managed to remove my yellow fan without taking the radiator out. You will be amazed at how responsive your engine is without the yellow fan.
Lindsay Sampford

I might try it after my trip to Angeloume next month- Not confident enough to try it before !!!!
P D Camp

I agree that no fan is needed above 20mph.
I fitted it mainly for the traffic.
When stuck in traffic I will just flip the switch to lower the temp.

When I tested it at a standstill it seem to push a good amount of air. No planning to remove the yellow fan.
Gonzalo Ramos

This is a 20 ebay fan fitted to my car, no mechanical fan required, only use electric fan when stationary or moving slow.


Dave Swinburne

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