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MG MGA - GOOD parts : Windscreen

I have just assembled a windscreen frame I had re-chromed a couple of years ago. I used Todd Clarke's hardware for the corners and screws, which were spot on. His brass strips for the side rails were, however, *really* poor. I spent more time fettling these than the rest of the assembly.

But the real star was the glass. A friend of mine was picking up an engine from Bastuck a few weeks ago, so I asked him to bring me a windscreen too. For 71 it was the right thickness, and everything fit perfectly first try. The only minus is a rather prominent Bastuck logo in the bottom corner, but I'll put my highway sticker there to disguise it. Compared to other offerings for 350 or more, that makes it a bargain too.

So now I have a complete screen frame and glass up for grabs. Chrome is OK, a few spots have flaked but its is still shiny when cleaned, and all straight (well, correctly curved) and no dings. The screen is delaminating a bit on one edge, but it has been that way since new and the deterioration is really slow.

I just need to get my other bottom rail re-chromed so I can reassemble my racing screen - the bottom rail for the new screen had been in use on this for a year or so.

If anyone wants the old frame and screen please mail me directly with an offer. I can dismantle and bin the glass if required.

dominic clancy

I believe Todd Clarke has gone away from BA threads on his windscreen parts see Barneys page
How did you handle this Dominic?
Mike Ellsmore

I bought the whole set from Todd Clarke, so I guess I am in the sh*t if I lose a screw. The last screen frame I built is now 30 years old, and I reckon I will be still happy if I have the faculties to consider a repeat when I am in my late 80s.

The set sourced from Moss was so far out I just threw it away.
dominic clancy

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