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MG MGA - green stuff pads

I have just replaced the green stuff pads after hearing that metal to metal noise on sunday morning, the thing is i only fitted them last year and i have only coverd about 4000 miles since,i would have thought they should have lasted longer im not what you would call heavy footed, I would be interested to hear of any other experiances with them, Vin
Vin Rafter

Im really surprised Vin as my car has had the same pair of green-stuff pads fitted since I got the car over 4 years ago.
I have done many more miles than you, I work the brakes hard and they still have a least a 3rd of the friction material remaining.

I wonder if there are different grades of green stuff pads?

Colyn Firth

Hi Guys,
Sounds to me, Vin, like you have dragging calliper pistons or a sticking master cylinder, either not letting the pads fully release. They do not have to stick hard on to wear the pad away very quickly and Greenstuff pads would not smell like other makes when hot. If the wear was pretty much equal across all the pads, it implies a sticking master cylinder.
C Manley

Check your brake hoses. They might have collapsed and held the calipers in.
Mike Parker

Jack the front wheels up off the ground, apply the brakes hard and realease, then try and turn the wheels by hand - it will tell you whether your brakes are jamming for some reason.
Mike Ellsmore

thank you all for your advise but the wheels run freely and i replaced the hoses and renewed the M/C seals at the same time as i fitted the shoes, strange, i will ahve to see what the new ones do, Vin.
Vin Rafter

I've seen these "green-stuff" pads referred to. Currently for sale on our Australian eBay for around $90 a set. What benefits do they have over other materials? Are they worth swapping over to?
T Aczel


I am no expert but I swapped to them in despair and as a last resort to stop my squealing brakes. Cured in an instant. They stop me okay, but there again so did all the others.

Steve Gyles

Tom, the green stuff pads seem to have all the advantages of modern brake pads with instant low speed bite but also they dont seem to fade especially if you work them really hard from high speed.

I once fitted semi competition pads (Mintex 171 material)to my previous MGA thinking they would improve the braking performance.
Well they worked brilliantly once they got really hot but the braking was almost non existant when they were cool and the car was a nightmare to drive in traffic.
You needed to use an enormous amount of brake pedal pressure and also, whilst the pads never wore out, I had to replace the discs (rotors) as they had become really badly scored.

The only thing I have noticed about the green stuff pads is they produce a fair amount of brake dust on the wheels and it is noticeable after every run.
(though that may be mostly due to my driving style than to anything else)

Colyn Firth

Thanks Steve and Colyn.
Since I don't have a squeal problem, and don't drive my MGA all that hard, (and I don't wish for yet more frequent cleaning), there seems little need for me to swap over. I might try them out though out of interest when I next need to change my brake pads.
T Aczel

Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I just came across it in the 2011 archive and I realised that I had given out some incorrect information and I would now like to correct this.

When I first got got my MGA I believed incorrectly that the brake pads originally fitted had been Green Stuff when in fact they were actually Mintex 1144 material.

I only realised this later when I fitted a new set of Green Stuff pads and found that on the road, they didn't perform as well as the worn ones had.

I lived with the Green Stuff pads for a while but on a visit to Bob Wests I mentioned the the pads and he told me that when he sold me the car it was fitted with Mintex 1144 pads.

So junked the Green Stuff pads, fitted Mintex 1144 instead and the braking was transformed, back to its original brilliant performance.

(The Mintex 1144 material is much better on the road than the old Mintex 144 material that I mentioned in the original post. 144 was aimed more at track use than road use)

Colyn Firth

Good of you to take the trouble to update this great source of information.
And I hear the sign writing on your car has been changed - no longer that big "GS" - now been changed to "M1144"
Graham V

I wonder if Mintex would sponsor me if I did do some "signwriting" on the car? I somehow doubt it :-)

Unfortunately so far, all of the transactions between Mintex and myself have always been directed towards them and not towards me. :-(

Colyn Firth


Can you send me a set in part payment for your 1950 badges?

Dominic Clancy

I have a set of scarcely used GreenStuff pads that you can have for free Dominic. :^)
Sending you a PM about the Mintex 1144 pads.

To be honest, it would be interesting to see what your opinion is of the Mintex ones, as I know that your cars brakes get a real workout on those Swiss Alpine roads.


Colyn Firth

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