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MG MGA - Gunson Carbalancer - comments please?

I am currently reading "The SU Carburettor High-Performance Manaual" by Des Hammill in my never ending quest to perfectly tune my A. I know Barney reckons these gizmos are a waste of money but what do others think? (I currently use the Barney method!)

Mike Ellsmore

Image of the gunson Carbalancer

Mike Ellsmore

I used to use one very successfully on my midgets some 20 years ago. Now I use both the aluminium (professional?) type gauge, same principal. This confirms balance at idle, but I also use the wires in the piston method to confirm a uniform and balanced take up of throttle.

The Gunson works just fine, but is a little bit fiddly, so you need a fair bit of patience with the initial set up.

I found that the gauge mounting could be a bit tricky to secure and keep vertical. It is easy to disturb the position when you move the suction cup hose from carb to carb.

Also the suction cup has to be held carefully against the carb inlet to avoid leaking. The air flow adjustment has to be matched to the scale in order for the little plastic "float" not to be jammed up to maximum.

However, once everything is set up it is very simple to move the suction cup (being careful not to disturb the gauge) from one carb to the other and see the air flow. I felt that you get a very accurate comparison.

Neil McGurk

Mike I second what Neil says. I have also used it successfully, but it can be fiddly and has frequently come apart in use.

A useful tool to check that you have both syncronized is to place a couple of bent wires in the damper tubes and check that they rise and fall together. SU do the Rolls Royce version, ( ) but I know Barry Gannon made his own. If you live near Barry he also has the Gunson Carbalancer (I sent him one) so you could check it out.

Steve Gyles

I use a synchrometer to adjust the idle and a vernier caliper to measure the main jets distance below the carb bridge. I make sure both main jets are the same distance below the bridge and then check to see if the spark plugs look right and adjust accordingly. Have a good day!

John Progess

Mike, Neil and Steve are correct. I use both to great effect. You are welcome to try them. Barry

BM Gannon

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