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MG MGA - Handbrake compensator/equaliser

I'm having trouble assembling the compensator, sometimes called equaliser. Can somebody just tell me if the hole in the compensator bracket on the back-axle is threaded or not? At the moment the fulcrum pin won't go through but I need to know if the hole is threaded before reaming out the crud. Also, I don't understand why the fulcrum pin has a nut on each end, as it would seem logical to me to make the outer end hex-headed.
J Houlgate

See here:
In the PDF go to page 13.

As I recall there is a female thread in the welded bracket on the axle. The stud screws into the threaded bracket, and the nut is a jam nut to keep the stud from unscrewing. When the hand brake operates there may be come friction torque on the stud, especially it it never gets lubricated.

I think the shoulder stud was a screw machine part, so it would use less material made from round bar stock with a separate nut. It was just a manufacturing choice at the time.
Barney Gaylord

Thanks. That is exactly what I wanted to know.
J Houlgate

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