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MG MGA - Happy Christmas and New Year

Hello Everyone
It is probable that only a handful of you chaps out there know me, but, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year. I have been following all threads for a number of years now and it is really good to see how useful and helpful everyone can be, the forum has been both enlightening and a great help to me on quite a number of issues.
Take care all and have a great festive break.

Mark Dollimore

Seasons Greetings Mark, and as stated a great Forum.

Is your New Years resolution to get the car finished?
J Bray

All the best for Xmas and the New Year from "Down Under".
Barry Bahnisch

Barry, where is Yukon, Australia? No post code, google maps don't show it!
Mike Ellsmore

Thanks John, having had two replacement knees during 2011 the second only a few weeks ago has slowed progress on the MG front I'm currently running the rebuilding of the A alongside a BGT bought on impulse as an abandoned rebuild on a heritage shell.
All bodes well for 2012 though.
Best Wishes
Mark Dollimore

Mike, Good question! I live in Adelaide (South Australia), don't know how the "Yukon" came about, thought that I had changed it but it has come back!
Barry Bahnisch

And a merry Xmass to all.

David Werblow

Seasons greetings to all, and thanks for all the help over the year.
Nigel Munford

Love the picture, David! But, that is certainly not this winter (at least so far) unless you took it during the snow storm in October. What a weird season weather-wise this has been! It's finally gotten really cold (just today!) here in NH, and I am hoping it snows soon just to restore the natural order of the universe!

AJ Mail

For those of you who have not seen the recent card from the Overseas Team at Kimber house see attached. Nice that they picked an MGA for their card!

Mike Ellsmore

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy Christmas to those on the other side of the pond! Also, Happy Hannukah!
Mike Parker

Happy christmas, happy hanukah and a happy new year! From down under in Victoria this year for Christmas
Graham M V

Graham M V, if you are suffering MG withdrawral symptoms while in Victoria we maybe able to help.
Mike Ellsmore

Merry Christmas everyone, from China for me again this year.
N McGurk

I had my leg in a cast for almost three months. So I can tell you I was really looking forward to an MG cruise in the unseasonably dry December we've been having in the Pacific Northwest. But the batteries were dead! Damn! No sense buying new batteries before Spring. I may have been denied my Christmas drive, but it won't dampen my Christmas spirit. Here's a picture from my Christmas party (no, I'm not in it, and neither is the MG, but it's providing the bright Glacier Blue glow behind the jukebox, sort of like the Ghost of Christmas Past).

David Breneman

John Gordon

Happy Christmas everyone.

Im still chuckling about my wifes choice of presents for me, she has bought me a really modern shirt and a new sweater which look great, or would do if I was the size large on the label! I think straining button holes and sleeves 3 inches too short kind of spoil the effect!

I just wonder if she actually sees me in her minds eye as being slimmer than I really am, or , maybe she is dropping a subtle hint that I am just too fat!

Luckily the MGA related presents I bought myself from the MGA Register,which include a special cockpit shaped umbrella, a Fleece jacket and polo shirt all fit me perfectly.

Roads finally drying out at last and Im kind of tempted to get the car out for a Christmas blast BEFORE I succumb to the mulled wine!

All the best to everyone and have a great New Year in your MGAs

Colyn Firth

I've had a badge bar, and a leather steering wheel cover from my wife, however, I actually bought them myself, for her to wrap.
Merry Xmas
Nigel Munford

A very Merry Christmas from Long Island, NY!

- Ken

Ken Doris

Apparently everyone was amused with my Xmas list which included, Millers 20/50 oil, spark plugs, Silicone fluid etc.

However, I was very pleased with my MGA spotlight brackets which will be fitted on the rear bumper to hold the reversing light and fog light.

My daughter's fiancÚ came up trumps with a case of very good wine. Well into it now!

Merry Christmas to you all.

Steve Gyles

The first Christmas with the MGA back in 1968:

Ken Doris

Thats one of my favourite pics Ken, made even better by one of your friends captioning it " The A, eating pine!" if I remember correctly.

I seem to remember seeing another amazing picture of your car loaded up with surf boards overlooking the Pacific coastline.
Any chance of seeing that one again too Ken?

Colyn Firth

Christmas morning 2008. The weather guessers lied. Planned on taking it for a spin.
Merry Christmas to All!!

R J Brown

Colyn - That was Steve Simmons of fame that has came up with that caption. You can find more of his Christmas MG photos here:
As for a picture of the car with surfboards, that must have been one of our West Coast friends :~)
- Ken
Ken Doris

Another beautiful Christmas day in Santa Barbara... 74 degrees, clear sky and a Turkey being barbecued with Alderwood smoke. Ahhhh... I'd post a picture but I get enough hate mail as it is....
David Holmes

Very wise David. Very very wise.
Mike Parker

Wish all a happy 2012.Learnt so much on this forum. Attached pic of a stress free Aussi summer in the MG. (No room for the girl lol!)

John McMaster

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