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MG MGA - Harsh knock from offside rear.

A harsh loud knock has developed when turning left at low speed over uneven ground , say into a car park or driveway. Its coming from the O/Side rear which I can feel through my seat. I've crawled underneath and can't see anything obvious. The rubber bump stop on the rear spring is present. Any suggestions please.
John Stephens

Wire wheels?

Are you sure of the origin of the sound, sounds travel by unusual routes.

The sound may require the weight and/or movement of the car so trying to find it when static may require a long bar.

Wheels, exhaust, damper, damper link arms, spring locators, spring(s), gearbox mounting?, something in your boot, anything loose in the transmission tunnel - I'd favour, damper or link arm needs extra tightening or exhaust movement but could well be wrong.
Nigel Atkins

If it's wire wheels, check to see if the knock-off nuts are tight, or if they may be on the wrong side of the car (to be self-loosening).

Ten check all of the rubber parts around the leaf springs, above, below, and at both ends.

Also check condition of the U-joints at both ends of the propshaft (shake like crazy, should have no movement).

Tu check condition of splined hubs, jack it up with tires off the ground, set the parking brake, loosen the knock-off nut slightly, and see how much the wheels may turn, fore and aft (backlash).
Barney Gaylord

Barney, thanks for your comments regarding the heavy knock at the rear on my MGA. You were spot on with your diagnosis regarding the rear spring bushes. I've only looked at the offside spring so far and the front bush had virtually no rubber remaining. I'll investigate the other side tomorrow, no doubt it will be similar. Thanks for your advice, John.....
John Stephens

Well done Barney.

Change both sides regardless.

Steve Gyles

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