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MG MGA - Head lamp mounting gasket question

My headlamp gasket has two protruding "fingers" that I assume go into the holes where the adjuster spring female fittings go? Problem is that there are three of those adjuster spring deals and only two on the gaskets i was left by previous owner. These are NOS parts from Lucas and are probably very old. Are they correct for this headlamp bucket? see images.

Harley Johansen


As you suspect, you have three-adjuster buckets and two-adjuster gaskets.

The earlier three-point gaskets didn't have the moulded-in sleeve for the adjusters, just a hole. I think the adjuster was protected by a separate push-on sleeve. That's how it looks in the UK Moss catalogue.

Malcolm Eades

OK, I think i will try to cut a hole for the third one and improvise a sleeve for the adjuster.
Thanks Malcolm,
Harley Johansen

Put a dab of grease on the adjuster and then cover all with a dollop of silicon. It will then turn in the grease without rupturing the silicon seal.

Good idea -- the silicon. I am missing one adjuster female part, so may use that on the nut inside fender well.
Harley Johansen

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