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MG MGA - head studs

I was tearing down a cylinder head yesterday and there is the number 22 stamped on the end of the studs. I seem to remember that this indicated a high strength stud, is that correct?

George G.

Thats what I thought George, but even Peter Burgess could not confirm it! He said they are all good!

Colin Parkinson

George,drop Barney Gaylord an email. He will know the answer.

Colin Parkinson

In the Haynes for my 73 midget it has drill dot or '22' at a higher torque setting but as the dot was on only 4 (or 5, I forget) out of 9 studs we ignored it.
Nigel Atkins

Colin, I searched on Barney's web site and didn't find anything about those studs. Maybe I will send him an email.

George G.

From the Moss Europe catalogue, p 10 bottom right side under Cylinder Head Technical Information:

"Start at 25 ft/Lbs., go to 40 ft/lbs and finish at 50 ft/LBS. Studs with a dot or a 22 on the end will take more torque than the unmarked studs. It is safe to torque these to 60 ft/lbs, but only if all studs are so marked."

My catalogue is dated March 2012.
Dominic Clancy

Thanks Dominic, that confirms my foggy recollection! I'll look at my Moss USA catalog to see if the same info is there. I did not know that the "dot" also indicated a high strength stud, more MG trivia to fill my head with...

George G.

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