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MG MGA - Headlamp Adjuster Problem

1958 stock MGA roadster coming out of perpetual restoration. 3 headlamp adjusters.

While installing the headlamp buckets during a restoration the DCO (me) snapped off the screw in the upper most adjuster. All three were rusted in. Two eventually came free. Patience would have been a virtue with the third one but was apparently in short supply. So now I have a screw stub deep in the tube of the adjuster.

I'm hoping for suggestions of how to either remove the stub or replace the adjuster functionality by other means.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Brian Denis
Brian Denis

You can buy just the adjusters from Moss Motors for $9.99 for three. PN 147-015.
Larry Wheeler

I have a couple of used ones you can have for the postage
dominic clancy

Larry, thanks for the response. I have the Moss item, but it only includes the screws, the washers and the springs, not the barrel. Clearing the barrel of the stump is my problem.

Dominic, definitely thanks for your offer but I've had a heck of a time installing adjusters to the bucket. If it comes to that I'd probably just buy another bucket or devise an alternative.
Brian Denis

Problem solved, I'd rather be lucky than good....

I was fortunate. The screw sheared off at the bottom of the barrel. I was able to drill through the barrel and tap, then used the screw from the Moss part that Larry referenced.

That doesn't happen very often: the screw was flush with the bottom of the barrel making drilling possible; I had the right drill; I had the right tap; I had the Moss part handy; and the adjuster barrel seems to be brass making drilling and tapping easy going.

I think I'll go buy a lottery ticket tonight.
Brian Denis

This thread was discussed on 09/08/2016

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