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MG MGA - Headlight wiring

I bought two halogen headlamps at NAPA. Each has a three-wire plug and all are black. How do I attach to MGA 1500 wire harnes? i.e., which wire goes where? I am using a Sept. '98 guide from MGA Newsletter in Safety Fast. It says the blue with red goes to the dipped headlamps and the blue with white goes to the full beams. Also, there are these two double blue/red and blue/white female ends (see picture) so do I make a lead wire to one of these for each light? And to which pole on the three-way plug set does each go? All very confusing.
Harley Johansen

Had trouble uploading a picture. will try again here.

Harley Johansen

I would recommend that you install a relay between the light switch and the “hot” line to the dimmer switch. Some folks use two relays but one will work fine. One of the black wires from the headlamp will need to connect to the black (ground) wire of the car. You can find that one by touching your light wires to a 12 v. battery; the wire that will light the lamp when each (individually)of the other wires are connected to the other terminal of the battery is your ground. Mark it. It really doesn't matter which of the other two wires are connected to the Blue/red or the Blue/white as long as you are consistent with both headlamps, as both these wires go to the dimmer switch.
David Werblow

I am not finding an obvious wire to go from these blue/red and blue/white connectors to the headlamp wires under the fender? Should I just make these up?
See enlarged picture.

Harley Johansen

A quick Google has found:

which should solve your problem.
Malcolm Asquith

It maybe that you have a wire harness that does not have the front loom included . Give Celia at Scarborough Faire (1 800 556-6300) a call and ask her if there is a separate loom for the front of the 1500.
David Werblow

Thanks guys,
The mystery is solved. Cecelia said the wires to the bulbs are long enough to reach into the engine compartment connectors and color coded as well. So I ordered these wires with threee-prong connector to sealed beams from her. Should work now.
Harley Johansen

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