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MG MGA - Health and Safety?

We all know that sometimes health and safety goes "over the top", but see the picture attached! Taken from the latest Moss UK "Restoration Tools" catalogue, it shows a man attacking an MGB's sills with an "angle cutter" and NO eye or ear protection. A bit ironic, as on page 13 it says "Before starting to work on your car you must always protect yourself with our range of safety equipment including: eye,ear and mouth protection.". I hope this picture doesn't encourage anyone to take these dangerous risks!

Lindsay Sampford

I just recovered from an injury doing exactly what he is doing only I had a face sheild on. I ended up with metal on my hands and made the mistake of trying to wipe sweat from my eye. Ended up with a peice of mental stuck right in the middlle of my eye! Required doctor to scrape the mental out and the rust ring that developed around it. HURT LIKE HELL!. Took me two weeks to recover. The slightest bit of light was so painful. Pleae make sure you use safty eyeware!
WMR Bill

While not as serious as Bill's experience, twice I have had metal bits removed from my cornea doing the same thing. 1st time I was wearing full goggles. The piece went thru the side vent holes. Second time. I was wearing full face mask. Not exactly sure where it came in from.

Saftey equipment is a level of mitigation, not a guarantee of being safe. Not wearing protective gear is just plain foolish.
Chuck Schaefer

Yes I've been there, few years back I walked around with a patch on my eye for a couple of days because of a metal filing in my eye. Since then I've been a little more aware of the potential for injury and always wore safety glasses, but I've had crap fly in behind the lens even with glasses on. So I picked up a nice pair of "metal working" goggles the other day, . These should allow complete eye protect. They can also double as driving


B Suelzle

Looking at my original post again, I see that I didn't make it clear that this picture was on the front cover of the catalogue and was NOT a demonstation of what not to do!

Lindsay Sampford

Having had the same problems a few times in the past, an alternate method to scraping off the rust ring in your eye is that they drill through it to remove the rust ring using a drill and tiny drill bit. And no this is not a misprint, scares the hell out of you when you see the drill coming.
To avoid this, have any meatel tht ends up in your eye removed immediatly to prevent the rust.
J Heisenfeldt

I had an employee using a mig welder without proper eye protection at home on his own car. Sunburned his eyes, couldn't work for a week.
R J Brown

Even while wearing what I thought was a set of safety glasses, I was cutting an exhaust pipe under the car and had a spark come through the little vent holes on the side of the glasses and set my eyelash on fire. It looked like a bright orange glow in front of my eye and afterwards, when I looked in the mirror, I was missing most of my eyelashes on one eye. I was lucky it didn't hit my eye instead.
Cleve Crews

While working under a car, wearing safety glasses, drilling out a broken bolt, a metal shard lodged in the cornea of my eye. The eye surgeon used a powerful magnet to remove it. Then, after strapping my head in a fixture, used a grinder to blend the edges of the hole the shard created. Geat fun. Fortunately it was not in the field of vision. But I had to wear an eye patch(arrr matey)for a couple weeks.

G T Foster

These are a Very valuable opinions and recommendations on safety, many people does not evaluate the possible risk and danger of accidents do to lack of protection until those happens (incluiding myself), thank you for the educational labour. Cheers.
R Garcia

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