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MG MGA - Heat shield pads

Hey All, does anyone know where the heatshield pads can be purchased? Better yet, whatt else can be used? Regards, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Tom, I made some sheet metal panels where the pads went and bolted them to the shield with an air gap. Still waiting to be tested in practice!
Art Pearse

I think the original pads were asbestos-based, and as such will not be available today. I wonder if something like Dynamat would work, maybe sandwiched between light ga sheet metal and then bolted or riveted to the metal heat shield.

G Goeppner

Anglo-Parts sell them - they look very like the original ones but maybe a shade thinner.
m.j. moore

Is everyone referring to the same heat shield here? Which is it, Tom, exhaust shield or carburetor shield?
Ken Korey

For new material you could look at Zircoflex, used by F1 racing teams.

John Francis

Thanks to all, I now have some leads. BTW, it is the carb heatshield. Tom
Thomas McNamara

On my GT I used ceramic fibre - left over from building my wife's kiln - looks like cotton wool on a roll. Haven't needed it on the MGA yet .
Cam Cunningham

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