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MG MGA - Help buying a MGA Coupe


Excuse me if my first participation in the MGA forum is for asking for some help (as owner of a TD I use to be more active in the T Series forum).

I am considering bringing to Spain the MGA that is offered with photos in the link:

I would highly appreciate that someone of the experts here would have a look at the photos and advise me of some important defect visible in the photos.

Thank you for your inputs.

J Benajes


I'm not sure if you are buying it based on the photos only, but if so, would strongly recommend a physical viewing for obvious reasons.
Clearly it has had a bang on the rear wing and the boot is also damaged which I would say, needs to be adjusted in your price.
Pictures of the carpets etc don't really say very much, but there are some pictures of the chassis, that suggests it is untreated but maybe that's just to my eye in interpreting the photo?
Don't buy just on the photos. If you aren't too familiar with MGA's tell the forum where it's located, and you never know, someone may be nearby who will take a look with you.
Good luck, Graham
Graham V

At a glance it doesn't look too bad from the photos. But, never buy a car, especially a vintage car like an MGA, just by looking at the photos. Take a professional panel beater with you and go and give the car a thorough inspection. Bear in mind that to restore an MGA will cost a lot of money, simply because parts are very expensive, and the shipping costs are ridiculous. In any case, wish you luck, and hope you make a bargain.

F. Camilleri


Price doesn't look too bad but it does make me wonder why it's been marked down so much.

I own a coupe and they're not like a convertible. The airflow within the car is pretty much the summer, without a/c, the car would be undrivable here in Mississippi.

I paid about $15k three or four years ago...the body and interior were very good but it hadn't run in several years so I had to redo the hydraulics to get it on the road.

Other than looks, I'd prefer a convertible.

Gene Gillam

steering wheel
JL Cheatham


Thank you very much for the fast responses with useful comments and warnings.

I live in Spain, and the car sits in New York, so a personal inspection is not feasible. I have already bought from that vendor (and several friends too here in Spain) and I can trust him, at least as much as a car dealer can be trusted
J Benajes

Jesus, FYI.
Gene Gillam

Thanks, Gene, for the link.

Before going so high-tech, I would try some typical Spanish, environmentally-friendly system, with even some classic-car flavor… (see attached picture).


J Benajes

In the meantime I have found a perhaps more interesting car:

The car seems to be in Arizona, and transportation to Spain would be more complicated and expensive.

What do you think?

J Benajes

I bought a car from them years ago....I would say caveat emptor with impunity when dealing with Mr.Kumar


That car looks like a much better buy. I've got a friend in Phoenix who would probably volunteer to check it out for you if you get serious about it.

Gene Gillam

Thanks Gene, for the kind offering, but the car in Arizona has been sold (no surprise, indeed).

J Benajes

Hello Jesus,

Why looking so far for a MGA Coupé ?
I am sure that there are usable cars in Europe. Maybe have a look on the national MG Car Club sites.
I found my Coupé at 50 km from my home...
Kind regards,

gva guido


Here's another lead:,3545832

Gene Gillam

Guido, there are of course Coupes for sale in Europe, but the price/condition ratio uses to be too high. MGAs asking prices have rocketed in the last years over here. Additionally, I like to do some restoration work, while deceiving myself thinking that I will save some money not paying the price for a nice car.

Thanks, Gene for the link.


J Benajes

Thanks for the links, H. D´Haenens.

J Benajes

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