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MG MGA - Help: Oil gauge piping?

Hi guys,

I've got my dual gauge, and the piping and the little brass oil union, but where does the oil union (part AAA628) go?

Has anyone got anyone a picture of where their's is fitted?


Grant :-)
G Hudson

Grant, The union is held in place on the bracket that supports the starter switch. Use the top bolt hole, place it under the pull wire, and coil the excess piping between that bracket and the front mudguard.
Sorry I don't have a photo, I wrecked the camera last week!!
BM Gannon

Hi Grant. One end of the pipe obviously goes to the oil pressure gauge. THe other end goes through the firewall and attaches to a double ended (and threaded) fitting that is located on the uppermost part of the chassis (RH side I believe). a flexible oil hose then connects to the other end of the double ended fitting, and that flex line goes to the threaded oil pressure fitting on the engine block. Sorry I dont have a photo, you might want to check your manual to see if there is a photo of the engine compartment. Hope this helps, Glenn
Glenn Hedrich


It is only on Australian built MGA's that the excess piping is coiled under the bonnet (hood).
On Abingdon built cars the excess piping is coiled behind the dash.

M F Anderson

The starter bracket is welded to the frame (except Twin Cam) and there is only one bolt hole to secure the oil adapter fitting. Picture is helpful.

Barney Gaylord


thanks for your responses - you've not failed me yet! :-) One more problem down.

Barney - cheers for the picture - just what I needed.

Many thanks,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

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