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MG MGA - Help with spin on filter

I have the Moss spin on filter adapter. I put it on when the motor was on the bench, but omitted to turn down the tab washer to stop the spigot turning.
I had also read up on the issue of some cartridges binding to the spigot before the gasket seated, and accordingly, used a WIX 51348.
I also removed some metal from the spigot facing downwards to help clear the cartridge and made measurements that convinced me I was OK.
I was plagued with minor leaks for some time before I realized it was the filter body. Tightening the filter did not work.
So, jacked up the car and removed the filter, but such a B awful position, I could not properly locate the tab washer in the pins, let alone reach to bend the tabs down, but I did tighten it with a socket, reinstalled the filter and it has been fairly leak free (hard to tell exactly bc the bottom of the car is wet all over on the RHS.
Now it has come to oil change time. I unscrewed the filter only to find it had bound to the spigot and they both came out.
I had bought a KN HP2009 filter. I compared the height of the gasket above the cartridge centre and it has 0.130" more clearance than the WIX. SO, good I thought.
I installed the spigot again, without the tab, meaning to take it to the mechanic with a hoist who could then sort out the tab washer for me.
I then threaded on the KN cartridge, only to find it was too long to enable me to get my filter wrench around it!
And even if I were to slip it on first I would not be able to get it off after!
There is a 1" hex nut fixture on the bottom, but the frame blocks it.
So, my question is, can anyone recommend a short cartridge that has adequate gasket protrusion above the cartridge centre?
The KN has 0.230", the WIX (used) has 0.100
Its a bit hard rummaging around stores furtively undoing packages to mike them up!
Art Pearse

Art, sounds like you have one of the older Moss spin on adapters that was manufactured with too thick of a spigot hex causing binding/interference with the filter. I have been using one of the newer Moss adapters with the thinner spigot with the WIX filter and there is plenty of clearance between cartridge and spigot and it seals well. Might be worth it to contact Moss to see if they would send you the newer spigot.

M Grover

Matt, I did thin the spigot nut down about 1/16" with my Dremel.
I think maybe the filter dome has the possibility of deforming under the closing stress to reach the spigot and bind.
I'll try a shorter K&N
Art Pearse

Hi Art

I have fitted the GFE166 filter without a problem. I did a google, and it does look like its shorter than the KN HP2009

Good luck
Graham V

I think your main problem is not bending the tab washer to stop the spigot from turning.

I had an older Moss spigot and took it to a machine shop to have them remove some material. If you only removed 1/16", that's probably not enough.

JL Cheatham

I can confirm that the GFE166 filter fits.

Why not just give the centre of the filter a gentle squeeze in the vice to depress the centre thread. that will allow it to seal on the sealing flange without the interference on the spigot

Dominic Clancy

Found a good one - AcDelco GF53
It has almost 1/4" clearance
Art Pearse

I've been reading all this with interest. I have been using the Flexolite oil adaptor without issue for the past 20 years. Is it a different animal to the Moss version?

I say 'without issue' although I should add that when I fitted it all those years ago I omitted to remove the original sealing ring from the cast housing. It had solidified after 20 years in a field and I thought it was part of the cast housing. The new ring on top of it blew out on my first long run and left 5 litres of oil under the car and on the M6 motorway. I think others have had the same issue.

Steve Gyles

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