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MG MGA - Heritage Certificate

Do the Heritage Certificates show the specific ID number for the transmission and rear axle of an individual car?
David Werblow

No, it does not.
G Goeppner


This is mine:

Steve Gyles

Thanks Steve,

I think the 1500s have the engine number on the VIN plate, but the 1600's VIN plate have "See Engine." So my guess is there can be no such thing as a "Matching Numbers" MGA.
David Werblow

In the UK the original engine number, along with the chassis number (VIN) and original colour was recorded in the registration book issued at time of first registration..........Mike
m.j. moore

As I understand it the production record books were simply thrown in a skip when the factory closed in 1981. Having said that, some of the books survived and made their way to Gaydon / BMIHT. I understand the body and component parts books did not survive, otherwise you would see this data on heritage certificated.

Phil Richer knew someone in MG and was able to copy the twin cam production records into his own ledger. This ledger was in my possession for a while but has now been donated to MGCC Abingdon. Before doing so, I scanned every page and saved them onto a DVD (see attached example). This is why Heritage Certificates for twin cam's are worthless, as we already have the data online here:

If you want a better answer then Peter Neil from MGCC should be able to provide.

Mark Hester

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