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MG MGA - horse hair pad under bonnet

I am easing my way through a running restoration of my 1600 roadster. I notice that an original MGA should have a horse hair pad under the bonnet near its nose. Can anyone tell me what the purpose of this pad is and its importance? I also wonder if there is a suitable alternative to horse hair. This product is not available in Melbourne unless I opt for white horse hair suitable for a violin bow - however my red roadster already sings sweetly enough.
Greg Neville


My understanding is that it is meant to form an airflow seal so that all air entering the grill is forced through the radiator.

In our UK temperate climate I have not noticed any difference to my running temperatures whether fitted or not (some of mine came unstuck and it was several months before I noticed).

I believe the pads are available from the normal MGA suppliers.

Steve Gyles

It is a thick piece of felt (Moss # 472-560 ) that is attached to the bonnet directly above the radiator; it and the two 5 hoses that go on both sides of the radiator are really needed to cool the engine in hot weather.
David werblow

Hi Greg
Give me a call and we can sort it out. Jim
jim mckenzie

And if Jim has not already done that, Email me, I think I have one in the shed.
BM Gannon

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