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MG MGA - Hot tanking

Does hot tanking dissolve the brass oilway plugs in the block?
A Pearse

I don't think so, but it will dissolve away the aluminum engine number plate, in case you weren't aware of it.
Del Rawlins

No...but you would be wise to remove the 5 main brass plugs so the Hot Tanking can do its thing on the oil passages will eat your alloy Eng. Number Plate as Del mentioned aaaand your CAM Bearings if not removed.......Tom
Thomas Koch

You should remove and replace the brass plugs. You should also take off the engine number plate before dippping the block. You can lift the spiral rivets by puting a sharp blade under the rivet heads, and lifting them up carefully.
P. Tilbury

Remove by drilling ? And where to get the replacements? Any danger of drilling scoring the hole causing leaks?
A Pearse

I drilled a small hole in each plug and turned a tap into it to pull them out with. I then made new plugs for reassembly. If I had it to do over, I would tap the holes and fit threaded plugs instead of making new brass ones.
Ed Bell

You can by the set of brass plugs from Moss, much cheaper then having them made.
J Heisenfeldt

I had the equipment available that allowed me to make my own plugs. Just trying to save a little money and do as much myself as I could. Time I have, money must be earned. Something that my father taught me when I was young. It's not always practical, but whenever I can I do it.
Ed Bell

I removed the plugs using the method Ed described. Very easy to do, plugs came right out. The machine shop that has my block will make new brass plugs and press in. I think the diameter of the oil galleries is not quite right for a pipe tap, so a proper sized tap drill would have to be used first. Not a big deal, just a little more work.
G Goeppner

If your block is going to a machine shop, they will remove the plugs and fit new ones after dipping.
P. Tilbury

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