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MG MGA - How to test your cooling system!

For those who have been following the Australian Open tennis tournament they would have seen Melbourne's temperature hovered around 42C (108F) all day yesterday.
At 18:30 a group of 20 or so MGs (T types through to MGFs) headed out for a twilight run to a country restaurant in 40C heat.
My A creeped up to 212F on a long slow climb behind traffic in 3 rd gear, other than that it ran between 195-205 depending on terrain and speed. The other 2 MGAs faired similarly. A couple of the T types spluttered and missed but made it in the end. The run home was at a balmy 25C (77 F) with the A sitting on a steady 185.
Mike Ellsmore

Thanks for that, Mike.

It's 2C here today.
Dave O'Neill 2

So the moral of the story is that ambient temp has a bearing on engine/radiator temp.
A difference of 15 degrees ambient (40C-25C) saw a drop of 15F in your reading.
I have found this to be true also. At 32C, I run at 195F, At 22C I show 185F.
These are Freeway readings.
Of course, slow moving traffic, long hills, snarls etc will increase these readings.
I B Morris

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