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MG MGA - HS6 Carbs and air filters

Hi guys,

My MGA is starting to finally get there. I have fitted a set of HS6 carbs with matching manifold as I've got a 2.1L under the bonnet.

My problem now is finding a set of K&N filters to fit. There are plenty of sets around for the HS6 carbs, but they all seem to be centre mount, whereas I seem to need them offset to clear the top of the engine bay (the centre mount are too high and rub up against the top).

I realise that If I'd put H6 carbs and a suited manifold, that wouldn't be a problem, as the H6 manifold has a 20 degree upward slope, whereas the HS6 manifold has a 30 degree upward slope.

Has anyone out there had / resolved this little glitch, and if so, could you spare a hint / part number for me?

Many thanks in advance,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

Here yo go Grant, this might help:

Standard offset filters, but not sure which direction!(Bottom left of page A25: HS6 offset mounting 45mm 1 3/4 deep. . .KN56-9132. . .45.95)

maybe this cone shape:

Or D-shape:

If they are not suitable then you can buy two blank filters and position the holes exactly where you need, see bottom of page:
Neil McGurk

Hi Neil,

thanks for those. I've got the cone ones at the moment (came with the cards), but they just don't look right. 56-9132 looks interesting, but I was really after something a bit deeper.


Grant :-)
G Hudson

This thread was discussed on 04/05/2010

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