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MG MGA - I beg your pardon?

Does this mean us?

For anyone having problems with the link it's the BBC telling us that recent studies show that driving convertibles damages hearing. I said DRIVING CONVERTIBLES DAMAGES HEARING! pardon...pardon!

Steve G, you should be OK, it only talks about speeds up to 70mph.
Neil McGurk


Sorry, what did you say?

I think they are right. I put earplugs in if I am going on a long drive. After my recent and regular motorway hops to and from work (15 miles each way), I could certainly feel the drumming sensation in my ears even for a few minutes after I stopped. Over time this would surely not have been good. I always keep a pair of earplugs in the car. Perhaps I should use them more, even on the short runs.

I have always tried to protect my 'earsight'. Even in my RAF days I used to wear ear plugs or ear defenders when walking across the flightline to my aircraft. High tone deafness was quite common amongst aircrew and the flightline mechanics.


PS I do not have a hood nor sidescreens that I can put up, so it's not a convertible. Therefore, it does not apply!
Steve Gyles

There was an article in Octane magazine (last month I think) that said the same thing. I didn't understand the explanation, but it seems that the hearing loss has something to do with the frequency of the air rushing past the ear drum, had nothing to do with the decibel rating.
G Goeppner

Absolutely correct. For me the loudest part of a long ride is the tire noise of adjacent vehicles on the freeway, as well as wind. I keep tissues or a paper napkin in the door pocket. When traveling at speeds over 50 for several hours, I'll tear off a couple pieces and stick 'em in my ears. I can still "hear" OK but without the howling of the wind or nearby semi-tractor-trailers or SUVs with big tread/noisy tires.
Jim P

There are some long tunnels on I-90 near Seattle that are definitely Ted Nugent grade LOUD as you drive through them. I try to avoid them when driving the MG.
David Breneman

I know plenty of old-timers who have been driving these cars for decades, who still have perfect hearing. Just sayin'.
Steve Simmons

I've put over a quarter million miles on MGAs. I hardly ever put the top up if I don't have to. I run in the fast lane on the expressway, tow trailer at speed, listen to the exhaust echo off the front of the trailer, and autocross regularly at full chat. I have never used hearing protection in the car, just turned 60, and can still hear a pin drop across the room.

Does running with the top down make your eyes go bad?
Barney Gaylord

Barney? Is that you? Where is my seeing eye dog.... lol Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

Winding up the windows?? Do they do tricks? Go fast?

I've heard that modern cars have fancy windows that disappear into the door! Where do they put the maps, brake fluid, oil, goggles, ear muffs, towels, flashlights, sun glasses, and AAA cards?
Russ Carnes

My University was asked to do some research by a major car company to investigate if drivers of convertibles were happier. So we are probably deaf but happy.
John Francis

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