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MG MGA - I need a 1500 Engine - Do you have one to sell?

Here is the deal. I bought a 58 A a year ago, and the engine was said and made to look original to the car. Turns out, not only is it not orignal, its a bunch of worn out strange parts made to look like an A engine.

So, I need a 1500 A engine to go along with the car I have already spent way too much money on.

Anyone have one to sell? I have a great mechanic ready to do a rebuild, so if someone has one, please let me know. Thanks!

Tom Going


I do have a spare but transport woould be rather difficult and expensive from Scotland.


Paul Dean

Why not find and fit an MGB engine instead - should be much easier to find in the USA
dominic clancy

Try John Twist at University Motors in Michigan, Carl Heideman at Eclectic Motorworks in Holland Michigan, and Paul at Sportscar Craftsmen in Colorado. All are very well connected in the MG world and may be able to help. Google them to get contact info.

G Goeppner

I have a 1500 engine that I took out of my '56 roadster 2 months ago. It is the original engine and was working well when I replaced it with an 1800 engine. I also have an MGA gearbox to go with it, as I have fitted a FORD 5-speed.
Send me a direct email on and we can exchange info.
P. Tilbury

This thread was discussed on 10/01/2013

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