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MG MGA - Ignition Problems

I have taken my distributor cap to an MG mechanic (John - The MG Doc). The components have been installed properly and the points were roughly adjusted. According to John the distributor is ready to fire.

I have installed the distributor, set the rocker arms, and attached the wires in the proper firing order (1,3,4,2).

Still no spark!

There is power going to the ignition coil but I am unable to determine if it is sending spark to the distributor.

How do I troubleshoot my problem?
gerard hutchinson

Gerard. My website, has a tech article on ignition system trouble shooting under the MG section.

As to the question of how do you know if the distributor is inducing a spark into the high tension circuit, you remove the coil lead, sometimes called the king lead, from the distributor cap. Hold it about 1/2" from the block while an assistant turns the engine over and see if you have a spark.

Les Bengtson

Car in neutral, brake on. Key on. Do you hear fuel pump tick? If yes, key off & remove all spark plugs and distrubutor cap. Turn key to on. Seperate points with small screwdriver. Do you see spark between points? If yes, with spark plug attached to lead and cap replaced, lay plug against a good ground and turn key to on and have an assistant pull starter. Do you see spark at the plug?
Paul Hanley

I seem to have developed another problem. My gas pump has stopped working and this is my second pump I have installed.

What could be causing the pump to fail?
gerard hutchinson

Two in a row? check ground circuit.
R J Brown

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