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MG MGA - Indicator problem

All OK last week and then all of a sudden the following is happening -

No indicators, warning lamp does not light either.
Fitted another flasher unit and they started to work but noticed that front right was flashing very dimly.
Then everything stopped again - absolutely nothing.
Fuses OK.

Also right brake light not working and when the right rear side light is on and the brake is pressed the side light goes dim.

Any ideas please?


p parmenter

Sounds like the bad earth gremlins again! I would start by checking all your lamp earth connectors and chassis earthing points Phil.
Lindsay Sampford

I agree Lindsay but am also wondering if in addition Phil may have bad connection at the flasher unit which might explain why they worked initially when he changed the unit? Of course as each of the various indicators have their own earths and as he is having problems with other lights, it may well be as you say that the chassis earth may be poor - but wouldn't this affect everything electrical, especially the starter motor?
Of course should be pretty simply for Phil to track down.
Graham M V

Graham, the starter only needs a good battery earth connection and an engine earth strap in good order. It's the little black earth wires to the lamps that will most likely be the culprits; or it could be something completely different!
Lindsay Sampford

Hi Lindsay & Graham,
Many thanks for answering my cry for help. After much messing about I found that the problem was one of the wires to the right rear lamp was shorting out. Everything seems to work OK now.

P Parmenter

Have you fitted a fuse in your lighting circuit? Maybe worthwhile if not.
Graham M V

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