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MG MGA - Info required

Can one of you Gentlemen help me with some info, I need to know the torque loading for the flywheel fixing nuts, gearbox non overdrive oil capacity, and coolant with heater capacity, and static ignition timing, for a HC 1600cc 1959 MGA, thank you, A.T
Andy Tilney

Hi Andy
The manual says Flywheel setscrews 40lb ft, Gearbox 4 pints, Coolant 10 pints and static timing 7 BTDC assuming all standard.
Cheers Brian
Brian Paddon

Thank you Brian for your swift reply, A.T
Andy Tilney

Timing is probable not the same for unleaded modern fuels, but will be close enough to get started
Dominic Clancy

That would be Imperial pints. Gearbox takes very close to 3 US Quarts, differential 1.5 US Quarts, whole cooling system from dry with heater, very close to 2 US Gallons (8 US Quarts).

Vintage ignition timing is very conservative, allowing for not such great fuel back in the day. Start at 10d BTDC. Once running you may find a bit more is good. Use a setback timing light to set dynamic timing to 32d BTDC at 3600 RPM (or any higher speed) with vacuum disconnected. Let idle speed timing fall where it may. You can check it later at idle speed just for future reference.
Barney Gaylord

Just don't set it at 32 BTDC if you have a 11:1 compression motor and race cam, come back to 26-28 BTDC @ 3500+ rpm. Don't ask me how I know!
Mike Ellsmore

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