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MG MGA - Installing floorboards

I'm REALLY glad the body's off the frame. I can't imaging doing this with the body in the way.

Ya....I remember that not being as fun as I thought it would!
Steven Devine

How are your floor support rails?
Usually get corrosion on the inner frame here.
Art Pearse

The rails were in relatively good shape with no perforations. I did have to weld in 5 new nuts that were missing.

I like when stuff looks new.



How do you take the gearbox tunnel out without taking the floor boards out first ..???

I fixed my tunnel on top of the floorboards giving me easy access to gearbox and prop shaft should I need it... Is this incorrect ..?
Aleks Stojanovic

It always pays to do the research before any major work,

information here ...
J N Gibson

That looks good MAndrus
Cam Cunningham

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