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MG MGA - Introduction & Distibutor Question

Hello All.
After spending a little time on this BBS, I thought I better introduce myself. My name is Bruce and I've recently joined the "MGA Proud Owners Club". I can only say "where have these little cars been all my life.

Hmmm.. Ive done my stint with push pull or drag vehicles then graduated to Muscle Cars, then up to luxury cars, finally losing interest in cars altogether, with the new cars all looking very blah, they go from A to B, and they look like every other vehicle on the road, whats the point!

One evening this summer I googled MG (thinking about a buddy in high school who had an MGB). There it was, MY NEW CAR! A gorgeous MGA. I cant believe Ive never seen or heard of one before, perhaps my automobile tastes are maturing and Ive finally seen the light, maybe its a middle age crisis. For what ever the reason ...Im in love. (there Ive said it and Im not scared any more). The more likely reason for the epiphany is at my age Im sitting up a lot higher on a fat wallet and I can see for miles and miles. It didnt take me long to gather up some up that hard earned cash and buy myself a new MGA, and bring her home, all 37 boxes of her.

Im serious about being in love, and I cant wait to drive wherever, in my MGA. I look forward to turning each bolt back together on her classic frame, soothing out the wrinkles in her beautiful curves, and putting the roar back under her bonnet.

I hope I have time for a quick question (first of many, Im sure):
My car is a 58 with a 1600 motor and I would like to install a pertronix ignition into a DM2 distributor 40510A. I get conflicting information about which pertinix number is the right one for this distibutor. ie: LU142A or LU149 . Another sight give 2 different numbers, one for early DM2 one for late DM2, is mine early or late? Anyone know what the proper number for this application is?

Thanks for listening

B Suelzle

Nice start Bruce. As for the distributor, my advice would be to contact Jeff at Advanced Distributors about rebuilding your unit and installing the Petronix ignition system. You'll probably save a few bucks over the price of a new Petronix distributor and know that the advance curve is the best for your car as well as Jeff sets and tests the curves on all the distributors he builds.
Bill Young


Welome to the MGA world. It's great!
I thought the only variation for the Petronix is whether you have positive or negative ground. Both are sold.
G T Foster


Welcome to the fold. Hardly a problem goes unsolved.

I have the Pertronix (Ignitor in the UK) on my reserve DM2. Negative earth it's the LUI49

Steve Gyles

Quite amusing actually. If you search the DM2 40510A on the Lucas database it comes up with the Donald Healey Sportsboat 1957-58!

The 40510B, however, is listed for the 1956-59 MGA 1500, 1959-62 MGA 1600, Lotus MK IX, and 1955-56 MG Magnette ZA

See here: 2/3 of the way down page 5.

Steve Gyles

Welcome Bruce - 37 boxes - wow you were brave to take it on - hope it was all complete. Good luck in the assembly - please post photos of your progress - cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

Thanks for the input guys.
Steve, Lots of good info there.
Interesting that a 40510A would show up as a boat, at least it’s a “sportsboat”.
With the other specs the same, I would guess that 40510A and 40510B are close enough so as to not worry about it. and according to this site
the late version is the one I’m looking for so the LU-149 looks like the correct one for me.
Funny thing, each reference show rotation opposite to each other….hmmm.

I suppose later on I can upgrade to a “full fledge” electronic distributor and keep my DM2 as a spare.
But for now this will have to do.

“37 boxes”, well actually I have them sorted down to 8 large plastic bins and bits piled in the attic.

B Suelzle

By coincidence, there is an article on AH speed boats and their engines in last month's Enjoying MG magazine (from MG Owners Club).
P. Tilbury

Hi all I have just changed the distributor on my 1600 the no. is 40780A which doesn't seem to be the correct one can anyone confirm this for me

thanks gordon
g c pugh


Just had another look at my original DM2. Donald Healey must have had a lot of spare 40510A units for his sports boats. Mine is the same!

Steve Gyles

Mine is also 40510A.
Andy Bounsall

hi mine seems to be for a 1600 mk2

g c pugh

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