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MG MGA - Is a 202 Battery Powerful Enough?

I've read through some of the many archive threads on this, and most people agree that the 063 battery with its 360A is man enough for the job.

Has anybody tried the slightly smaller 202 / 340A? With a little help, it seems it will JUST fit the existing tray.

No reason why it wont Nick. The only reason I use the 063 is that it is probably the cheapest battery to buy from a motor factor. The factor I use sells the 063 for 25 quid. :-))
Bob (robert) Midget Turbo

Thanks Bob. You're right about prices - the 202 is horribly expensive - but it fits snugly in the existing tray, and its starting performance today, after a lay-up of months, was encouraging.

Nick, is the 202 12V? I keep meaning to get new batteries for my car.

Still I think of the cranking as (a) exercise (b) theft deterrent and (c) entertainment for passers-by

Dan Smithers

Hallo Dan! How nice to hear your voice. How's Lucy? And young Varitone?

Yes - it's a 12v, and the footprint is 175 x 175. It slipped in beautifully, and it seems to work. I'll sort it out properly later, but for now I have the new earth lead bolted through one of the holes in the spare battery tray.

To tell the truth, I agree with you. All I ask of the battery is that it can get the fuel pump going, and feed the coil. Happy to crank to start.

Unfortunately I can not crank. Filled the hole at the front and removed the special nut from the front pulley. However nostallgic I want to be, broken wristed is not one.. :-) If it wont start then pushing is a far better idea, so long as you can find a good pusher!!
Bob (robert) Midget Turbo

This thread was discussed between 10/03/2008 and 12/03/2008

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