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MG MGA - is it me

Hi all is it me or do the rear wings on this one look very odd at the bottom behind the rear wheels

g c pugh

They've obviously been cut/modified.

Why? No idea, but it looks quite odd to be sure.

Christopher Wilson

Some PO did a very similar (but not quite as drastic) modification to my roadster. Hard to understand why unless it was a shortcut (ha ha!) fix for some rust or other damage. I intend to put it right. Still, to see that their asking nearly $15,000 pounds for a car that looks very similar to mine that I paid $2500 USD for last year is interesting.

G T Foster

It looks like the dogleg has been hacked away also. I think GT is right, it looks like a cheap fix for rust damage, even though it appears rather well done.

Still no excuse for doing it right.
MGA Larry

The last picture appears to be of a different car, or taken a long time before. Compare the seats, armrest piping, gear lever gaiter and far RHS of dashboard (additional switch). Why have two pictures from the same angle anyway!
Neil McGurk

I think it's from the same car at the same time, but the exposure is off. Check the steering wheel. Same angle of turn.
Mike Parker

I think you may be right about the extra switch Neil. The driver's seat looks slightly better in one than the other too. Funny looking rear wings too.
Cam Cunningham

Neil, I think you're correct about the switch also, but if you look at the armrest, it appears to be covering a split armrest, (I blew the picture up)- something I missed at first check.
Mike Parker

Pictures taken at different times- look at the Door pockets one has something in it -the other picture shows it empty ?
P D Camp

Oh fun, it is a game!!!!

Find the differences in the last two photos that show they were taken at different times. Just like the back of the cereal box.

I can count nine differences.

C Schaefer

The luggage rack runners are 180 to the accepted norm so that the rack itself sits higher and more forward. In fact, if you look closely it would seem that the runners extend forward of the boot hinge line.

Steve Gyles

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