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MG MGA - Is one MGA enough?

Have you noticed that you get one MGA and soon you are hankering after another. Who else has succumbed to the temptation to acquire a second or third MGA?

What excuse have you given the spouse/partner/navigator to justify the purchase?

I tried the following:-
1. It will make it easier dividing up the estate, the kids wont have to argue over who gets the MGA.
2. We can leave one with the hood up and one with the hood down so they will be ready for any weather or wife/partner/navigator hair style.
3. You don't loose money on 50 year old cars like you do modern day ones - they should hold their value or go up - they are like money in the bank!


Mike Ellsmore

4. Now it's a 4-seater - the whole family can go on a picnic at last.

AJ Mail

Green and RED my two favorite colors. Definitaly a must.At least two LBC's.

I have a 62 Roadster for open top fun. I restored a 60 Coupe for my wife and it has proven to be a fun winter car. Have a good day!

John Progess

One LBC is NEVER enough!
David "stopped counting" Lieb
David Lieb

Great cars Mike - wish I had the room for another one! cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

I have owned six MGA's over the years, including five at one time (in the old days when they were very cheap)! Now I have a 1600 coupe and 1600 roadster, both restored, which I have owned for over 30 years. We drove the roadster in the 1996 FIVA Rally in the UK, also entering a number of other events including Silverstone, and covered several thousand miles in all. That experience, for us, will never be repeated and I will die quite happily (I am 71).
Barry Bahnisch

You have a spare for when one needs some 'work'
M Wellard

Classic car insurance will only allow a certain number of miles on your beloved car. It is therefore an absolute must to have another car (or two)that can absorb the excess miles, allowing you to drive year round without violating your insurance agreement.
Mike Parker

I know it's a basket case... but it's all there. OK, we'll sell it when I finish it off and then remodel the kitchen.

David Holmes


Not true with some classic car insurances over here. I have unlimited mileage, roadside recovery and European travel. The only limitation for me is that the car is kept in a locked garage at home, although this does not apply if touring. So, for me the limitation would be 2 cars as I only have the one double garage. I did have a second car (MGTC) for a while, but I struggled to give each the TLC they deserved, so the TC went.

Steve Gyles

Beautiful cars Mike. I have been trying to get ss mesh for the grille - can you tell me where I can get it in Australia? My MGA is the same green.
Go well and have a great Christmas.
F Watson

First two were bought around the same time, one for restoration, one for parts. My excuse for the third was that we could have a car to use while doing the restoration, so no need to rush. Fourth car was a bargain, we could always resell at a profit!!? I didn't bother to mention I bough a fifth, I just stripped it down and my wife didn't notice amongst all the other parts!

I think I got away with it too, unless she reads this!
Neil McGurk

Man do I know what you mean, 1st it was a 58 driver coupe with lots of rust then came the restored 58 coupe just because the 1st one was so bad, then I needed a red roadster for the summer, then someone mentioned twin cams to me and I had to have one, that search turned into 5 twin cams which led someone to tell me about something called as deluxe so began another search and a find plus a restoration, oh I forgot to mention a mgc and 3 tr-3s that found their way in and back out. Now I'm back down to just 1 mga, can you believe it? Do you know of a good MGA shrink?
R May

No, MGAs are pretty small already.
Don't worry, you have no issues that I can see(with 4 cars and a frame in the garage-none running at the moment).
Mike Parker

Oh come on now, Mikey boy! It's time to confess all....... You could not get past the red one on the track, so you had to buy it. You've taken the approach of "If you can't beat' em, buy 'em". And Mike, of luck to you. mate! Cheers, Phillip.
Phillip Hughes

4 now, a maximum of 6 at any one time. 3 running at once was the most together at one time. A condition about to be matched again. My roadster, My wifes MK11 and my sons coupe. With a 60 roadster in storage to help keep me busy if I ever retire.
R J Brown

It is true...once you have the "A" you just need more! I am down to two. I was up to 6 at one time and yes I wanted more.......My name is Peter and I am a recovering MGA aholic!
PC Cirillo

1 running 1 waiting.
DJ Lake

I'm on my first MGA and only got to drive it a handful of times this summer. I'm already thinking about a coupe for winter driving. Who's got the number of the MGA-aholics hotline?
S Jackson

Why have one obsession when two will do....


A Buick

One motto in my life has been.
Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.
My MGA habit has always exhibited this malady.
My first MGA was as a teenager and was the only car I had at the time. It was a 58 coupe and was sold to get married.
10 years later I had experienced enough monetary success to replace the car that had been sacrificed because it was not practical. I bought a running yellow 57 roadster to restore. After tear down I decided I needed a parts car to get the quality of restoration I desired. I placed a car wanted ad and ended up buying 2. A 58 roadster basket case that cost me $250 and a complete 60 roadster for "later" for $450. Both the 57 and the parts car 58 were complete cars in less than 2 years. The 60 roadster then took about 3 years, I was slowing down.
After the 60 roadster was done I was feeling the need for another project. I placed another MGA wanted, any condition, ad in the newspaper. This ad netted me a partially disassembled 60 roadster. This car has a 3 main B engine in it and the original engine in pieces. It cost $650. Before I could start this project a customer of mine who had admired my then 3 driving MGAs offered me his 58 coupe, complete and driving for $1000. He wanted the car to go to someone who would treat it right. This was in 1993. My son and I started a coupe project when he was 14 hoping to have it ready by the time he turned 16. Having completed the first 3 in under 5 years this seemed reasonable to me. The project is now mine and almost finished. Shortly after acquiring the coupe another customer offered me his completely disassembled 62 MK11 roadster. Not a speck of rust and all original for $1500. Seemed like a lot of money to pay for a basket case but I again succumbed to the MGA infection. This car is now complete and running, Black with red interior and chrome wires. The 57 and the 60 were sold in the mid 90s to help fund my other addiction, flying. I miss them both the 57 staying here in Colorado but the 60, an Iris Blue roadster, joining my first coupe on Koen's register in the Netherlands.
That leaves me with 4 today. The Black MK11, the red Mazda powered roadster, the almost finished Mineral Blue coupe and the 60 roadster that will again be Iris Blue later.
Today I made an offer 0n a Buick 215 V8 if I get it it will replace the rotary in the 58.
Here are pictures of the first 4.

R J Brown

These don't sound like addictions,they sound emminently practical, and I can't see what is wrong with practicality.
Keep it up all, I am feeling better already.
Mike Parker

"When in Rome"etc..since moving to the USA i adopted the std adage..'more is better'..I lost count after 30..but they still seem to keep on sneaking in.. in fairness..only 7 are MGA's..the rest various BMC products..friends tell me I'm 'sick'...oh well...
TJ Trevithick

Having more than one of the exact same model might be taken as a sign of lack of imagination.

OTOH, owning one roadster and one coupe is a definite sign of excellent taste. ;-)

(58 roadster, 62 coupe)
Bill Spohn

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