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MG MGA - Is this a record asking price?

Is this a record asking price for an MGA (ex-works Sebring cars excluded)? Nice car but is $A160k realistic for a Twin Cam? Equivalent $US116k, £88k.

Mike Ellsmore

Realistic? I don't think so. Especially in today's market.
Steve Simmons

Unrealistic overall, but especially due to engine mod - cannot be undone like transmission and carbs.

Imagine the worth of a 5.0L XKE!
KR Doris

Good looking car though and reversable mods with original spares
The price is way up there --but--they are getting rare---I reckon it will sell--I've got a collector mate that's been looking for one and will pay good money for a good car, I bet he's been onto it already-
The market is crazy, a mate scored over $300,000 for an A9X Torana a little while ago, like who would pay that much for a Torana
Crazy mixed up world
William Revit

I've never had the pleasure of visiting down under so I had to look that one up. Jud
J K Chapin

Firstly, I have no relationship with the owner or the company selling the car, nor do I own a Twin Cam, just to clear that up. I listed it only for discussion and entertainment.

While it is the highest price that I have seen in Oz for a TC, I am with Willie, I reckon it is achievable. Consider the cost to replicate this car. A project car could cost you around $30-50k then you need to factor in the costs to bring it to this standard. I know of a case where the body work alone on an MGA took 700 hours by a professional. Then add in cost of painting, complete engine rebuild, quality interior, hood then add the extras this car has such as engine upgrade, twin Webers, 5-speed box, Vanden Plas aluminium hard top and you can wont have much left out of $100k.

Okay, but people say you never get back what you spend restoring an MGA, well maybe you do with a Twin Cam? There are not that many on the market and there are a lot of rich people around still today. Imagine if you have a net wealth of around $10M what difference does and extra $50k make if you can have something unique that your mate doesnít have?

There have already been TCs selling for $100k here in the last couple of years. Look at AH BJ8s over the last 10-15 years. They have gone from $60k to $160k for high quality cars.
It might take awhile but I reckon it will sell.

Mike Ellsmore

Before everyone gets too carried away, this car looks very nice at first glance, but looking at all the photos there are nearly 40 things that are not "correct" and probably more if car was examined closely in person. Big asking price means the whole restoration should be carefully evaluated before purchasing.
Garry Kemm

Nicely put together car. He probably paid that amount to the restorer.

Whenever I see those string of photos (not just MGA) in adverts I always zero in on the open boot (trunk) for jack information for my databases. The King Dick jack displayed in this one does not look quite right to me. The casting marks on the base look too pronounced and I cannot make out 'KING DICK' on the barrel. May be just the way the camera has caught the light. I don't think the Sutty pump came with 59 cars. According to Barney it should have the Aerite.

By the way, my jack databases that you guys goaded me into starting with the 3 MGA jacks 20 years ago now numbers 919 of which I have been able to cross-reference 395 to specific cars. I get some 20+ emails a day and I know the databases have driven up the prices on matched car to jack combos. Such jacks regularly sell for over $1,000 (US), especially for E-Types and Aston Martins. The early MGA Shelley LJ23 will fetch about $150 (US), but rarely come up. A King Dick for most MGAs recently went for over $250 (US); and the later MGAs had a Shelley LJ225 variant that fetches up to $200 (US).

Steve Gyles

Thanks Steve, whenever I get a jack enquiry is I just refer them on to the jackguru!
I realise this car isnít concours perfect but sometimes that is not what the buyer is after, it is uniqueness, look and heritage.
Mike Ellsmore

BJ8's are going for $160K down there? Tell your friends I'll sell mine for measly 100K. :) A top notch car here is about $60K USD.
Steve Simmons

Steve, keep an eye on this site and you will see them come up. A recent BJ8 is list as POA so not sure what it went for but the 100/4 prices will give you an idea. There in-house restorations are stunning.

Mike Ellsmore

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