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MG MGA - It followed me home..... can I keep it?

New stable mate.... 1958 MGA. It doesn't look like much, but it is 98% there. This a classic example of a "Basket Case". 15 years ago a restoration was started at a restoration shop and abandoned by the owner for lack of funds. A new owner bought it and it sat for 6 years, Eventually sold... again it sat untouched until today. I've rescued worse.

The restoration shop did a bunch of panel replacements. Except for surface rust, it's now 99% rust free.

I've already got a bunch of new/NOS parts on order. I'm hoping the engine doesn't need anything major, but the budget allows for plenty of work if it's needed.

I'm thinking British Racing Green.


What was the original colour? What is the code on the data plate? My 59 was green when I bought it... now it is the original Glacier Blue... a magnificent colour on a MGA.
... CR
C.R. Tyrell

Got mine some what the way yours looks 10 years later it looks like this!

Steven Devine

CR... VIN HDT43.... One of the light greens. Not my choice.

It's been a few colors, a very white paint is over the original, PO started an off-white paint job.

They are pretty in off-white. Hmmmm...

I gotta decide soon.


Go for the BRG!
Art Pearse

Ash green is a really nice colour... and you don't see too many of them. But if you like the darker greens.... look at the MGB Mallard green.
.. CR
C.R. Tyrell

Like Art, go for BRG. Mine is Jaguar Hen Green which I copied from a Bob West rebuild that went on to be a concours winner. Its reg was either 5 MGA or MGA 5.

Plenty of mine here showing the colour:


Steve Gyles

Any color is good but please please do not paint it Alamo Biege....ahhh what were they thinking...

Its your car but I simply shake my head and turn into a babbling dolt when I see an A in Alamo...just wrong in my opinion.

Sorry for anyone that disagrees...I know there some that love it.

Here a beauty in white!

Steven Devine

Steve, your car still looks great. Do you recall where you sourced the black hose to the heater box? I assume you used the same from the grill to the radiator support panel. I'm having a devil of a time with the hose that Moss and Scarborough Faire supplies, just can't seem to make that tight bend between the rad support and down to the duct panel behind the grille.

Thanks, George

BTW, my car is also BRG, but a bit lighter than yours. Started with a '62 MGB color, Racing Green, and had it darkened a little. BRG is a good color for the MGA!
George G.

Alamo Beige can be nice, if properly trimmed. See attached photo.


Steve G... Yep. That's pretty.


IMHO you can't go past Rosso Corsa -- a real head turner! And a former Concour winner.


BM Gannon

It started out like this! As found many years ago. b That's what I call a basket case -- took me 4 years of blood sweat and skun knuckles and a truck-load of $$$$.

Bloody awful original colour -- Aintree Green YUK!


BM Gannon


i bought the trunking from Bob West in 1997. Not sure who supplied him or whether he still has that version. might be worth an email:

By the way, Bob also supplied the Jaguar Hen BRG (2-pack) paint (code 701) that I used.

Steve Gyles

OK, thanks Steve.
George G.

Best trunking I have found is either from Ashleyhinton (eBay) or the same from Leacy.

The angle for the front pair is a swine, particularly because or the minimal clearance between the tube and shroud support. I found it is best to trim the tube at an angle so you don't have to bend so much.
dominic clancy

BM... worth it. I love red on these, but there are so many in this area already.


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