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MG MGA - Jingling type rattle at 2500+ rpms

So now that my brake hydraulic issues have been sorted out it's on to the next challenge; a very annoying jinling sound that happens at 2500 rpms and higher. Happens at isle or at speed. With the clutch engaged or not, car in gear or neutral.
So far UI've checked:
exhaust hangers
Speedo cable
Hydraulic lines
A loose nut/washer on all the engine ancilleries
Behind the dash
headlights, signal lights
front bumper mounts

It seems to be coming from the middle of the car underneath.
I'm wondering if it could be in the gearbox or clutch.
Anyone else have this noise?
R emgeeaa

I had a very similar jingling noise on my 1500. Turned out to be a loose drive pinion at the nose of the starter motor. Try tapping on the pinion with the engine off and see if you hear anything that sounds loose.
Dave Ahrendt

Check your carb overflow pipes - might be a harmonic that gets them tapping against fender or other part of the engine compartment.

- Ken
Ken Doris

Under center of car? 2500 rpm equals roughly 45 mph. If it only happens with car in motion, check for a loose dust cup on front yoke of the prop shaft. The mid 1500 type have a press fit dust cup that may sometimes come loose and jingle while in motion. Occasionally right around 45 mph on a smooth road it may center itself and stop jingling for a while (until you hit a bump). Solution is to tap the dust cup it back in place and add a couple of tack welds.

Barney Gaylord

Try disconnecting the fan belt and running the engine without the generator.
J H Cole

With the fan belt off you might check the rivets holding the crank pully halves are still tight.
Marvin Stuart

Thanks all, I'll check those things. The noise happens when I rev the motor up. The car doesn't need to be moving.
So I had someone keep the revs up while I searched around and couldn't find anything so I will check the areas you've recommended.

R emgeeaa

Starter bendix washer rattling. Quite common. Had exact symptons in the past.

Steve Gyles

Its the MGA jingle Ron.

When I drove first my present MGA 4 years ago it was the first time I had driven an MGA since 1980 and the first thing I heard was the jingle from the footwell when I got to about 3000 rpm.

It brought back some great memories and I just think of it as a really wonderful noise.
I suppose that if I am hearing the jingle and the sound of tappets it means that I am having a great time!

I believe it is the starter bendix washer and I think you can replace the bendix which can fix it for a time but it will soon come back.

But why bother?

I think it sounds great.


Colyn Firth

This thread was discussed on 05/09/2011

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