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MG MGA - Just Bragging

The weather was spectacular on Sunday. I had to take my daughter's MG out for a photo shoot.
David Holmes


David Holmes

Fine looking car,beautiful scenery,you have every right to bragg
gary starr

Hi David -

Wife and I took Scarlet on a little road trip from Solvang to Santa Barbara and back. First time over San Marcos Pass and the little 1500 did just fine. A little slow up the steep grade and temp got up to 210. Yes, it was a beautiful day.
Question - how does one keep his hat on at speed with the top down?

Question 2 - how many miles per gallon would be typical for a stock 1500? (If there is such a number.)
Steven B

Steven, that is a great pass and road. Last time I was on it my MGA overheated and we had to stop for an hour for it to cool down. I was with my new wife and we were on our honeymoon going to Carmel. I will have to try that pass again with my new 1800 engine and see how it does!!!!!

In an atempt to answer your questions, here goes.

1. To keep your hat on, make sure it fits, and then the wind break screen mounted behind the seats works well I have been told, however I have not tried it as i rather enjoy the wind blown feel of driving a convertable.

2. As to the miles per gallon, I simply don't know, I measure my trips in the smiles per gallon and watch the needle on the gauge, when mine gets to where the gauge reads 5/8 full, then it is time to find a gas station as I am almost out. Yes I know that it also means that my gauge doesn't work properly, however it is consistant.
JP Jim

Regarding gas mileage, my experience (40 years or so) with a 1500 is in the range of 25 to 32 mpg, depending on speed.
G T Foster

About 23MPG with Supercharger and a heavy right foot.
dominic clancy

To answer question 1
I was on a 600 mile road trip/rally/fund raiser this weekend and one member had a solution. Don't worry if the hat falls off just attatch it to your neck with a lanyard. Then at least you won't have to double back to get it.
Kris Sorensen

To answer question 2
600 miles in an 1800 got me 24mpg and one top up of oil from the add line when I got home.
Kris Sorensen

57 Coupe 1500 all MG no overdrive only a3.9 rear end (42 mpg) round trip 210 miles (no mountains all flat driving) this was 85% Hwy speeds 65-75 and 15% in town speeds 25-45



Very nice picture. Crop it a hair and use it for your picture for the side column. Since ths is still a relatively new item, most people don't realise that they can go to their home page on this site, add the picture and change there status to show pictures. Some choose a car, some a face, and some like me something else.

BMC Brian McCullough

I have been keeping extremely accurate fuel figures on my 1800, 5-speed, 3.9 diff since March 2006. I use my car as a daily driver, covering about 4 miles each way to work. Therefore loads of short journies starting from cold, intermingled with the odd longer journey. Average consumption is 21.22 MPG (UK imperial gallon). Best individual tank load was 27.3 mpg (August this year associated with a long run), worst was 15.94 mpg last November, caused by a bad leak from the front carb.

Steve Gyles

On the way back from GT-31 in Gatlinburg, an 785 mile, one day, straight through, 95% higway trip we averaged just under 30 mpg in our MkII with original 1622cc engine & tranny. The trip took 16 hours, so we averaged about 50 mph, but there were many stops for gas, food, etc. While on the road, the majortity of the time I kept it at a constant 3800 rpm, which was about 66 mph according to our GPS.

On shorter trips I find that the more times I stop long enough to allow evaporation in the float bowls, the lower the mpg. In other words, if every time I switch on the ignition I have to wait for the fuel pump clicking to stop, that's gas I did't burn in a useful manner :)
- Ken
Ken Doris

I don't really know what my fuel millage is but I'm bragging that the 'Little Red Coupe' starts with the first pull on the starter - thanks to Barney Gaylord.

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