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MG MGA - King Dick and Other Jacks

I have received a lot of correspondence from enthusiasts asking if I intend to expand my Shelley database to include other jacks. A version of the King Dick jack was of course supplied with the majority of MGAs.

After some thought I have started to prepare separate databases for the following jacks: King Dick, Lake & Elliot, Read and Dunlop. If I have missed any please let me know. I will publish the database when I have reasonably populated them. If any of you have one of these jacks please contact me with photos and as much information as you can give. Thanks.

On a similar topic, someone sent me a photo of a King Dick jack, asking for any information - which of course I did not have any. However, the photo shows a small cast octagon. It got me wondering if there is an MG connection? Oddly, King Dick was known as Abingdon Tools until the early 1900s. Any information always welcome.



Steve Gyles

Databases for READ, KING DICK, LAKE & ELLIOT and DUNLOP are now live. They can be accessed from my home page: and then you can switch between them using links on each database.

Those were the 4 British jack suppliers that came to mind. If you know of others please let me know. Also if you have one of those makes in your car/garage please take a photo and let me have the details.


Steve Gyles

Steve, I've got a jack which I think is Smith's and I thought it was British but I could be wrong. Not sure if it's the same Smith's as the MGA heater or even the car radios but it was used on the post war Riley RM's. Let me know if you would like a picture of it.....................Mike
m.j. moore


Yes please. Photos and description would be great.

I will see where I get to with the number of makes. I may well end up combining some of the databases if only one or two models turn up of each make.

I contacted King Dick Tools for information, but like Shelley they destroyed all records during 2 buyouts.

Steve Gyles

Steve, if you can access the latest MMM Bulletin (pre war MG group) then you will be able to read an excellent article by Simon Johnston who has researched some of the history of the King Dick and Shelley companies, which were linked together. The old Abingdon name is often mistaken for a direct MG link, which it is not, MG simply purchasing their products.
Pretty sure the octagon on the KD jack will be little more than a foundry or pattern makers mark.
I have attached a pic of my 1955 TF KD jack, original for my car.


M Magilton


Many thanks. Interesting read.

I will add the mgtf as a user car to the King Dick database. I also have it down as using the Shelley 6 INCH DL. Can you comment on this?

Whilst I was browsing my T-Type data I also uncovered a second Shelley jack type used by the TC. This task I have set myself is unending, and that is just on car jacks. I don't know how Barney has any free time with his MGA library.

Steve Gyles

I have been trying to map the use of Shelley and KD tool kits in TF's (not easy with so few surviving original kits). From this it seems that Shelley kits were more common in the TF 1250 model and KD more likely in the TF 1500 but this is little more than a guide. The Shelley 6 Inch DL seems to be the correct Shelley for the TF.
From an old advertisement the KD address in 1954 was:
Abingdon King Dick Ltd
Abingdon Works,
Kings Rd,
Birmingham 11.

I have attached an undated brochure (mid-late 50's?) that I picked up at a swap meet.


M Magilton

One jack manufactured by Smiths Jacking Systems (embossed around the base) and called the Smiths Bevel Lift jack. Made in England and, according to the internet, by the same Samuel Smiths that made the Smiths/Jaeger gauges, Radiomobile radios and the MGA heater assembly but perhaps not the beer!

Beautiful easy action with a 13" lift but use clearly limited to cars with square jacking tubes attached to the frame.........................Mike

m.j. moore

Still in catch-up mode with the considerable amount of data being received every day. Any of you guys who also own an MGB will find a lot of detail has been added for both the Shelley variant which was supplied with many CKD kits supplied to the USA and Australian markets until 1969. See here: (scroll down to last but one entry) and:

If any of you know about the Metallifacture jack that was supplied with late MGBs please contact me.

I will be putting something similar on the MGB site when I get a moment!

Finally, same applies to the Spridget cars. I think they had King Dick side winding jacks. Please email me with details.

Cheers all and Season's Greetings

Steve Gyles


That address for King Dick is a bit of a puzzle.
It says "Abingdon Works, Tyseley, Birmingham.
Abingdon is nowhere near Tyseley.

Was the Tyseley address the company's administrative office and the factory was at Abingdon?
Do we know for sure that the factory moved from Abingdon to Tyseley, or is that just assumed?

A similar thing occurred with the CKD MGA's built in Australia.
The vehicle VIN plate, owner documents, advertisements etc...... quoted MG (or BMC) at Zetland, Sydney.
The cars were built at the "PMC Works" at Enfield, quite some distance from Zetland.

M F Anderson

Mick, according to Simon the Abingdon Works has been located in Birmingham since about 1850 when one Thomas Mabbutt from Abingdon (the town) moved there and started producing tools and breech blocks for guns. It may have been his prize winning bulldog named King Dick that gave the name to the later company. The confusion between Abingdon and Abingdon Works is quite understandable.

M Magilton

My father had an Abingdon-King Dick motor cycle in the 1920's. It was probably second hand and was about 500cc single cylinder. Afraid i don't know much else.
Barry Bahnisch


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M F Anderson

Steve, here's a pic of my READ jack.

F Camilleri

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