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I am in the process of trying to restore my 59 coupe. I have the body off. I wanted to remove the engine to clean and replace any gaskets since I had it down this far. I was going to remove the engine and transmission together. When I went to take the drive shaft loose there is a sleeve covering the bolts that release it from the transmission. I do not see a way to slide the sleeve down. Am I missing something. Thanks for any help.
Bud W.
S.A. White

Sounds like you have an early rather than late style unit. Is your engine number 15GB or 15GD?

If the former, the rear trans joint is a sliding spline not bolted.
Bill Spohn

Thanks Bill for your input. I will check the engine number this evening after I get in from work. If it is a sliding spline do I disconnect it from the rear axle and slip it from the transmission?
Bud White
S.A. White

Just undo everything to remove the engine and gearbox and when you slide them forward to remove them, the propshaft will just slide free and drop onto the two braces inside the tunnel by the handbrake lever
dominic clancy

Dominic is right, but you should drain the gearbox of oil, and remove the gearbox dipstick, before pulling the engine from the car. The gearbox will still have residual oil that will drip out the end, so have a container ready to catch this.
I prefer to disconnect the prop shaft from the diff and remove it, prior to removing the engine/gearbox.
Removing the dip stick will mean that it will not catch on the tunnel metalwork as you move it forward. An adjustable engine hanger will help to get the engine in and out. It needs to change angle as it comes out to clear the brace across the front of the bonnet.
You should also remove the bonnet, or at least pull it back with a rope to give you more head room. If you remove the bonnet, be sure to mark the position of the hinges before you undo them so that you can refit it in the correct position.
Hope this helps.
P. Tilbury

If I'm reading Bob's post correctly, he has the body off the car already.
David Werblow

This thread was discussed on 08/05/2013

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