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MG MGA - Lack of new posts!

As there isnít many new threads on this site these days here is something to look at - 30 odd covers of our Club magazine going back about 15 years featuring MGAs.

Mike Ellsmore

The MGA special on the cover of April 2015 is an interesting, rough terrain conversion!!!
The black Coupe is beautiful.
Allan Reeling

Good stuff--

Lufra hillclimb down here this weekend
have been helping a friend get his ride(Elan) ready---weather doesn't look too good though
William Revit

Was the April 2013 an old people's MGA owners edition?!!
Cam Cunningham

Nice pictures- but the April 2015 has had a few alterations!
Graham V

Great story on the April 2015 MGA special - it came to the Club from the wife of a prominent MGA owner who died suddenly. In regular use at our 100 acre hill climb property. Male models supplied by A Register.

The black Coupe photo was done at night using flood lighting and time lapsed photography - stunning.


Mike Ellsmore

Do you mean Aug 2013 edition? A Register organise the annual club competition OST event (Observed Section Trial) and these are young Register officials.


Mike Ellsmore

'Did an OST with the Melbourne club many moons ago, it was out past Calder raceway there somewhere- Andrew Rennie and I took our V8's out for a go at it- He beat me, I had a fairly tight lsd in at the time which wasn't exactly good on the slippy grass and created a bit of humour for the lookers on
Good day though-couldn't stop laughing
Funny, about a fortnight later was on a plane to tassy and not many passengers so asked the hostess if I could have a look up front
She ok'd it with the captain and took me up,
Soon as I poked my head in the cabin the pilot goes'oh no you're that guy with the MG
Small world out there
William Revit

We still have two OSTs every year as part of the Club championship - one at member's farm at Mt Macedon and the other at Rob Roy hillclimb property. They are great fun as all the fancy sprint and hillclimb cars are forced to get down and dirty in the mud if they want the points! See the poster for next event.

Mike Ellsmore

Don't know if any of your mates are coming over to the Baskerville historic meeting in September 21-23 but I've just noticed that there's going to be a hillclimb at Lake Barrington 2 weeks later 6/10
If anyone's into hills, it's a ripper and they might consider leaving their car over for it
It's the same hill they used for the Masters Games last year and good this time of the year as the rain has washed the road nicely
I've run up a couple of times around Easter but it's a bit slimey then if it's damp from all the camper vans blowing whatever they blow all over the road during summer
Unfortunately no open wheelers
No open cars either unless they have a full cage, not sure what would be the go with a hardtop on but you'd think it would be ok it's more the open cars and wire fence that is the issue-----------------I believe

Entry is through the -Northwest Car Club
and would pay to enter reasonably early, it's fairly popular and attracts a lot of entries

Here's a little incentive, young Alex giving his ol'mans Mazda what for
Turn the sound up and strap yourself in----
William Revit

Got a smile of the 1957 Cadillac pix in the first post


79 MGB
gary hansen

It was originally going to be the climb for the 2018 Nat Meet, we ended up at Highclere that was great anyway. I am sure some of the racers will come over for Baskerville but most of us have had our trip to Tassie this year.
Mike Ellsmore

Gary, that photo came from a Club member visiting Cuba some years ago. The Caddie was collateral damage!
Mike Ellsmore

It was canned for the Natmeet because of the rollbar requirements
William Revit

Reverting back to the name of this thread, why is there a lack of new posts?
In the past, this forum has provided one of my favourite occupations, reading, posting and learning whilst she who must be obeyed, watches Coronation Street, etc.

I cant believe its because our cars are becoming problem free. I think maybe one reason is the archives provides a massive source of questions and answers, and I guess there is a finite limit on the number of questions that can be asked. So maybe its all been asked and answered before.

Shame. I loved the debates, and sometimes quite passionate debates, about things like the pros and cons of silicon brake fluid.
Graham V

I cant believe that you have used the "S" word on this forum Graham (Silicone!)
We are probably going to get weeks and weeks of posts on that subject now!
Colyn :-)
Colyn Firth

This thread was discussed between 17/08/2018 and 20/08/2018

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