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MG MGA - late Teclamit

My replacement motor has a late Teclamit filter housing and I fitted it by myself, hoping the upper O ring is in place. Before I fill the motor with oil and fire this engine up to be sure that O ring is properly seated, is there another method to make sure the upper O ring is in place? Bubble gum? Grease to stick it in? Two persons? Geeze. If you fit a replacement spin on adpater kit, is there still this issue with the upper O Ring?

Stephen Lofaro

The square section O-ring should be a snug fit and hold itself in place while you install the canister. Yes, same issue with installing the spin-on adapter, except once you get it right you never have to fiddle with the O-ring again.
Barney Gaylord

There were three O rings in the filter element package. Two are nearly identical in size and one is noticeably thinner. I had read the thin one is of no use in these types of cannisters. So I used one in the lower side that has some 'teats' that hold it in...and it was tight fitting into there but it just sits in place. The upper one was different and kept dropping down, even with some light grease on it...I had to hold it as best I could, feel for an even compression as I lifted and went for the banjo bolt grabbing in. One can only hope until the engine runs under pressure...I guess, that it is properly seated.
Stephen Lofaro

The square section ring fits in the block groove without any assistance! if it is a pain then double check there isn't still an old one wedged up in the groove which is quite deep and old seals go pretty hard!

The thinnest seal is much the same thickness as the steel filter housing and is the one to fit in the groove in the alloy housing, again it fits in there snuggly and any problems are due to old seals being left in there .....
Chris at Octarine Services

A dental pick makes a good probe for checking the seal. They can be hard enough that you think it is part of the casting, mine was, but if you get the pointed end of the dental pick under the edge out it comes.
Keith Lowman

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