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MG MGA - Laygear issue. Help wanted

Hi folks! I am finally "reconditioning" my MGA after 29 years of hard use. In the process I am rebuilding the transmission for the second time. My transmission was making extremely loud and ominous whining and grating noises, which came on very rapidly. (within a few hours) I pulled the engine and tranny, and dismantled the gearbox. I knew the layshaft was the issue, because the transmission didnt whine in 4th gear. When I went to dismantle the gearbox, the layshaft didnt want to come out. It was really stick! It would move freely for a few inches and then jam. Usually it pushes out easily! So I used a punch and hammer, and as gently as possible, punched out the layshaft. When I got the laygear out, I found that the single rear laygear needle bearing had massively "disintigrated." The numerous broken needles have unfortunately gouged and distorted the inside of the laygear, ruining the precision machined bore where the rear needle bearing "rides." Has anyone run into this problem before? Can the laygear bearing be built up, and re machined and honed to size? approximate cost? Would anyone have a good used laygear they would want to part with at a reasonable price? Additionally, the laygear has some badly chipped teeth. Is it possible to MIG weld the chipped teeth, and grind them back into contour with a dremel tool or grinder? I am guessing this probably wouldnt work. Cheers and thanks, Glenn PS Im in Ontario, not Manitoba as listed.
Glenn Hedrich

You might give Cecila at Scarborough Faire a call. A pretty good source for used parts. I'm betting they could help you out.
Good luck,
G T Foster

Hi Gerry, do you have contact info for Scarborough Faire? Thanks, Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

Hi Gerry. I found THe listing for Scarborough Faire and called them. Thye dont have any good laygears left. Any other suggestions?
Cheers, GLenn
Glenn Hedrich

Glenn, I suppose you could have the bore flame sprayed and then remachined and honed to size. I don't know about the remaining hardness or suitability for a bearing surface. Perhaps it could be bored oversize and a sleeve press-fit and machined. None of this seems economical or even feasible. But I offer it none the less.

I did a search on 'MGA laygear" and found:

If you look at his other auctions, he has one with layshaft and needle and thrust bearings etc for $250US.

If you do a search, new laygears are available for around $300US.

As for repairing the chipped teeth on your laygear, there are specialized rods for welding gear teeth. Again, I'm not recommending this, just pointing it out. I don't think std MIG wire will withstand the application.Probably the one that is chipped is the 1st gear section. If you find a way to otherwise use your laygear, I would suggest carefully smooothing off the chipped teeth with a file. This is what I did But the teeth weren't too badly chipped.

Chuck Schaefer

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