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MG MGA - Leaking flexible hose joint

Clearly I'm on a learning curve to MGA ownership (1957 1500).I recently replaced front drum brake cylinders/shoes and whilst doing the job fitted Goodridge TMG1100-3P flexible hoses. On bleeding the system I have leaks at the flexible pipe to brake line joints at the chassis attachment point both sides. I have removed and attempted to ensure both are seated correctly and have tightened up as far as I dare with no improvement. Are there differences to the swaged end of the brake lines that might be causing this? I accept the answer might be to have replaced with new brake lines but the lure of a few miles was too tempting.

K Garner

These joints normally do not need much torque to seal. Often, if overtightened they can leak due to cracking. Are the brake lines steel or copper?

Examine the ends of the lines closely and assemble the joint in a dry state and you should be able to see why they are not seating correctly.

You should also be able to see if the flexible hose has the right shape inside for the brake pipe (compare to the old hose if you still have it)

Neil McGurk

Thanks Neil, I suspect I may have been too heavy handed already. The pipes appear to be copper to me and the seat in the new and old hoses look pretty much identical. I'm tempted to re-fit one of the old hoses to see if I have damaged the brake lines if no apparent cracks. Just wondering if I'm up to replacing the two front brake pipes myself if I have damaged them. The 4 way connector looks difficult to get at and I'm not sure about shaping the pipes.

K Garner

This thread was discussed on 18/03/2010

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