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MG MGA - Leaking headlight

For some time, one of my headlights has been letting in water - it then sits in a puddle at the bottom of the light.

This has eventually resulted in a dark stain on the silvering. It seems to be under the coating as it has a smooth surface and doesn't clean off.

Does anybody know where the water gets in and wheher it is possible to repair it?

Is it going to cause problems when MoT time comes around again?
Dan Smithers

Hi Dan - never had this with headlights but the glass is sealed to the metal reflector with a strong adhesive. I have separated the glass from the reflector of a Lucas spot using hot water. I assume they are the same on the headlight - so a simple mastic sealer would stop the leak. however, as the reflector is now stained and irreparably damaged, I think I would bite the bullet and buy a new headlamp set - I changed mine 2 years ago when the reflectors became corroded - around 40 a pair including halogen bulbs.
Cam Cunningham

This thread was discussed on 25/01/2011

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