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MG MGA - LHD to RHD BRAKE conversion

Part way thru stripping down the new arrival, I am now seriously looking at the BRAKE conversion.

Cecilia's prices are good but all listed and showing in the catalogue as LHD items

Now, my left brain is NOT talking to the right- so I need guidance--

Is it OK to buy a complete LHD set up and "flip it" left to right?

And reuse the existing four and three way unions and lay out the system for the mirror image RHD set up?

Are there any pitfalls ?

It all seems too simple that I suspect a trap lays in wait for the over zealous novice!

still no rust to be of any concern- thank Buddha for all those sunny California days

"Is it OK to buy a complete LHD set up and "flip it" left to right?"

If it could work left to right would it not work right to left.
Try laying it out to see.
DJ Lake

Mark, a little confused..what parts are you talking about? Apart from the pedal setup and the brake lines, nothing else is different. I would always use new lines, which can all be made up at a brake shop.
If you are interested, I would use Cupro-nickel brake lines, obtainable in the UK, but not officially legal in Oz, even though most of the luxury BM's, Porches etc that are imported here all use them! You will find a thousand threads on this subject. The kits come complete with fittings.
Gary Lock

The only differences are

1. The line from the MC to the four way union is longer. The 4 way stays in the same place and everything else from that point on is the same.

2. The clutch pipe from Master to Slave is also longer

3. The LHD accelerator pedal is a different setup to RHD and RHD is available new from the Heathrow MG guy. Don't bother with expensive stuff on ebay

4. The LHD clutch and brake pedals have to be bent a little to fit RHD. Do a trial fitment with them and you soon can see what needs to be done.

5. A RHD harness works fine with LHD, so it's probably the same harness. The only issue is that the dip switch cabling is too long.

dominic clancy

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