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MG MGA - Long & Short Exhaust pipe straps

I'm getting ready to install my exhaust pipe, I ordered the two straps, 1 short & 1 long from Moss (their catalog pg 28, items 15&16)I know where they attach to the pipe but where do they attach to the engine or do they, I could not find a picture showing these two parts mounted, thanks,
m bauer

Just attached them today myself. They attach to where the motor and trans come together. Should be real easy to see which bolt they go to.

Tom Walters

Here you go. This is a picture looking in through where the toe board goes.

Keith Morris

On my car the short strap attaches to a welded lug on the exhaust pipe about 2 feet infront of the silencer (muffler). It then attaches to a welded bracket on the cross member immediately adjacent to the left battery cradle. The longer strap clamps round the pipe at the rear of the muffler and then to lug on the rear cross frame just infront of the rear valance.

I am not aware of any exhaust bracket attaching to the engine.

Steve Gyles


I'll be damned. Just seen your photo. I have never seen that before. Just had a look at my exhaust pipe and found the bracket. I have never fitted the bracket. Car has run for the last 10 years without it. Never had any problem. You learn something new every day.

Steve Gyles

The brackets are designed to take the strain of the manifold to prevent it cracking. Mine has run for ages without until I read about the brackets (on Barney's website) and made some.
Keith Morris

21 years ago (at end of #1 restoration) when I installed the then new stainless steel exhaust system from Moss, I also bought the two strap brackets (long and short) from Moss. The long bracket was too long to fit the space, ending up with a bow and not carrying any load. I bought another long strap more recently, but it still fit the same. I presume the bracket on my pipe is welded on a little too high.

I installed the system using only the short horizontal strap. These straps are particularly thin. Sometime later that strap was broken in the middle, so apparently engine and exhaust pipe vibration does put considerable stress on the bracket. After breaking a second short strap about a year later, I bought two short straps, one for spare. During process of installation it dawned on me to install the two pieces together to double up the strength. It works. 15 years and 175,000 miles later the same double short straps are still hanging in there.

With perfect 20-20 hind site, if I had known then what I know now I would never have bought the replacement part, but would have made my own short strap from thicker material.
Barney Gaylord

Barney, I had the benefit of your knowledge so I made the brackets from thicker material and to fit rather than buying them. If I had realised how much easier it would be without the floorboards in place I would have waited!
Keith Morris

The mga twin cam Service Parts List shows these straps (see image).
Are they shown on the pushrod SPL?


Mick Anderson

I bought the straps and found that they didn't fit properly--either to long or too short. So, I did what Barney suggested. I made my own from a little heavier sheet metal and installed them without a problem.

I would recommend making your own after the exhaust pipe and everything is installed. That way they will be the correct length and of a better gauge material. These cars have a lot of variation in fitting many parts so you have to adjust and remake a lot of things for your particular car.

I have the old Moss straps somewhere if anybody wants them.

Jim Ferguson

I recently bought these parts and was kind of taken aback by how flimsy they are. As far as I know, my car hasn't had them since probably some time in the 60's when my dad was working on it, and their lack didn't seem to have hurt anything.
Del Rawlins

Mick, yes the 1500 service parts list includes these brackets.
Keith Morris

I used a piece of 1/2 in copper plumbing pipe. I flattened both ends and drill holes for the bolts. The only problem I had after 2 years was last month the bracket broke off the exhaust pipe.
Kris Sorensen

Funny, my exhaust bracket broke there too, and stayed broken for years. I welded it back last winter in the place it wanted to be, not where it had originally been welded.

The brackets attach to the engine backplate with the gearbox mounting screws.
dominic clancy

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