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MG MGA - Looking for a feed pipe

I need the oil feed pipe that goes between the oil filter and the back of the engine block - does anyone have a spare one?

Dominic Clancy

There were two versions of this pipe and one will not fit with the spin-on oil filter adapter. Make sure you get the correct one.

JL Cheatham

There's another thing to look out for there as well
There are two different fittings to screw into the block at the rear and you "have to" have the correct length pipe to suit otherwise there can be unfiltered oil going into the gallery--You need either
A fitting with a long end that goes down into the riser gallery with a short ended pipe to match it---or
A hollow, shorter fitting with a long ended pipe that goes down into the riser gallery

A long fitting and a long ended pipe won't bolt together so that eliminates that
It is possible to use the short pipe on the short fitting and this is the danger combo to avoid as oil from the riser gallery (unfiltered)gets pumped directly into the horizontal gallery bypassing the filter
William Revit

I have an extra. Send me your email and I'll send a picture with dimensions.
Bill Haglan

Thanks to Bill, his pipe arrived yesterday and is in great condition.

The BBS wins again

Dominic Clancy

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