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MG MGA - Lucas Reversing/Rear Fog Lamp

Just been browsing a UK classic car spares supplier (Paul Beck) website and noticed that he is now supplying remanufactured Lucas L494 Reversing/Rear Fog Lights for 35 plus tax. These would most likely have been the choice MGA after market unit in the late 50s/60s. I had been looking out for one to wire in to my Ford Type 9 box.

The glasses have always been available but the main body is not that common, although they occasionally come up on Ebay.

Steve Gyles


I saw a couple at Beaulieu the other weekend at about that price and thought that they must be 2nd hand. Obviously not. Tempting to go the whole hog and get a pair - reverse and fog.


G Hudson

NOS originals pop up occasionally on eBay but usually go for a much higher price than that. Used originals can be had for less but are typically grubby. The lamp above looks great and the price seems very reasonable.
Steve Simmons

Thats the reversing lamp I would like on my Coupe. I have the ford type nine gearbox is it relatively easy to fit the reversing switch to the Gearbox in situ
P D Camp


The reversing light switch is quite high up on the right hand side (by memory) and will be extremely hard if not impossible to get anywhere near with the cover in place. The chances are that you have the switch in place as it was a normal fitting on the gearbox. You will almost certainly need the electrical connector for it as that would normally have been left behind with the old car's wiring.

Standard advice has to be to anyone fitting the five speed to at least leave a wiring stub accessible if you might ever be fitting reversing lights. I wish I had.

Does anyone know if the standard Sierra electrical connector when fitted will clear the gearbox cover?

Malcolm Asquith

Thanks Malcolm
I have had a look at a Siera Manual (page 170 )and can see what you mean regarding the electrical connector. Obviously a Ford part not the usual Lucar connectors
P D Camp

Before I installed the Mercur (Sierra) 5-speed to my '58 coupe some months ago, I cut a hole in the tunnel opposite the reverse light switch so I could access it. I will then put a rubber plug in the hole.
The switch was already in the gearbox, and had a short wire tail on it, so now all I have to do is connect the wire from there to the reversing lamp when I fit one down the road.
If anyone wants the coordinates for this hole, i.e. its location in the tunnel side, I can email them, and include a photo.
I don't think you can get at the switch after the gear box is installed. It is tight to the tunnel and high up.
P. Tilbury

Peter, I'm interested in that info. Why not just post it here?
Andy Bounsall

Peter, -- send me the info and I will post it on my web site.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude
Barney Gaylord

Ta-Da! Peter came through with a photo and notes. See here:
Look in the "Addendum" box 3/4 down the page.
Barney Gaylord

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