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MG MGA - manifolds

Hi all,
The inlet and outlet manifolds are connected to the block by 6 studs.4 long and 2 short ones.
Are the first and the last suds the short ones?Or can I use 6 long studs?

H. Jorens

The manifold mounting is thinner at the ends. If you use long studs, you will either have to use spacers to get the nut tight, or thread the stud to be able to tighten the nut. It's easier to use the correct shorter studs.
dominic clancy

Its useful if you fit the correct length brass nuts too. If too short the nut's threads can strip very easily.
P N Tipping

The manifold is not thinner at the ends, but the four center studs take a very thick beveled steel washer that clamps the flanges on the manifolds.

For years now I have been using hex head bolts for the two end positions. This allows easier R&R of the head without moving the manifold much, being able to lift the head straight up.

Don't forget thread sealant for the four inner studs, as those holes go through into the head bolt bores. This is a common location for a slow oil leak onto the exhaust manifold.
Barney Gaylord

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